Exploring Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact 2.2: Unraveling Stone Slate Secrets

Tsurumi Island
04/12/2023 | Embark on a thrilling journey in Genshin Impact 2.2 as you decode stone slates on Tsurumi Island. Overcome loading issues and unveil hidden treasures! | Credits: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, the beloved action RPG, introduces Tsurumi Island in its 2.2 update, captivating players with its charisma. The island harbours a captivating secret – stone slates scattered across its diverse landscapes, unlocking hidden treasures when decoded at the Chirai Shrine. However, the journey to unveiling these secrets is not without challenges.

Navigating Tsurumi Island and Overcoming Loading Issues

As players set foot on Tsurumi Island, some encounter loading issues, hindering their exploration. An error code, 154140716, becomes a roadblock. A multi-faceted approach is necessary to overcome this, addressing potential internet issues or firewall problems. Utilizing a Private DNS setting proves effective, offering a seamless gaming experience after a few simple adjustments in the mobile phone’s settings.

Understanding Stone Slate Locations and Puzzles

Venturing into the heart of Tsurumi Island, players embark on a quest to locate hidden stone slates. Each slate holds a piece of the island’s history, waiting to be deciphered. Here’s a detailed guide on the locations and solutions to the stone slate puzzles:

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1. Chirai Shrine: The Beginning of the Journey

At the Chirai Shrine, the first stone slate awaits discovery. Purple stones dot the landscape, and activating them with the Peculiar Pinion sets the puzzle in motion. Ascend a hovering platform with a purple crystal, and decipher the symbols that appear on a rock behind it. Successfully recreating the sequence rewards players with an exquisite chest and the first stone slate.

2. Shirikoko Peak: Unveiling the Second Slate

Journeying to Shirikoko Peak unveils the second stone slate. A series of stones and bird statues provide the canvas for the puzzle. Activating the Peculiar Pinion reveals symbols on the walls, guiding players to the correct sequence. Following the order unlocks hidden treasures, marking the completion of the second puzzle.

3. Wakukau Shoal: Navigating the Cliffs for Slate Three

Heading to the cliff edge north of Wakukau Shoal unravels the third stone slate. An intricate dance with electric orbs and peculiar stones awaits. Guided by the Peculiar Pinion, players solve the puzzle and claim the third slate.

4. Circle North of Shirikoro Peak: The Fourth Slate Challenge

The fourth stone slate resides within a mysterious circle north of Shirikoro Peak. Moving stones to match symbols outside the circle unlocks the chest, rewarding perseverance and puzzle-solving skills.

5. Mt Kanna: Pursuing the Fifth Slate

In the northern reaches of Mt Kanna, the fifth stone slate beckons. Interacting with a glowing bird statue and following Electro Seelies to mysterious stones sets the stage. The revelation of symbols on a wall guides players to the correct order, culminating in discovering the fifth slate.

6. Small Island West of Wakukau Shoal: Unmasking the Sixth Slate

A small island west of Wakukau Shoal harbours the sixth stone slate. The familiar stone-sliding puzzle unfolds, with players aligning stones to match ground symbols. Completion triggers the appearance of an exquisite chest and the sixth slate.

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7. North of Moshiri Ceremonial Site: The Final Slate

The seventh and final stone slate awaits north of the Moshiri Ceremonial Site. Interacting with bird statues in a specific order and illuminating stones below pave the way for solving the intricate puzzle.

Tsurumi Island’s Rich Secrets Revealed

Tsurumi Island, with its stone slates and puzzles, becomes a testament to Genshin Impact’s commitment to immersive storytelling. As players conquer loading issues and decode these ancient puzzles, they unveil the island’s rich history, earning rewards and forging a deeper connection with the game.

As the Genshin Impact saga continues to unfold, Tsurumi Island stands as a testament to the game’s ability to enchant and challenge players, keeping them eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this captivating journey.

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