Genshin Impact Fan’s Creative Take on Spiral Abyss Portal

Genshin Impact
Bennett is still the most used Character in Spiral Abyss/ Credit: Epic Games

The Spiral Abyss entrance considered the element, in the action game has been beautifully illustrated in a concept image by a Genshin Impact fan. The foes encountered within the portal pose a challenge compared to those found in the world and the gateway is depicted within a modern urban environment.

Each floor in the Spiral Abyss of Genshin Impact is harder than the one before it, hence Floor 12 typically demands players to use their strongest team combinations. Players must carefully evaluate the elements that make up the adversaries’ weak points and modify their party as necessary.

Genshin Impact
Yelan makes her way to the top of the Abyss Usage Charts/ Credit: IGN

Genshin Impact Fan’s Artwork Shows Spiral Abyss Portal in New Light

The Spiral Abyss portal is depicted as a bustling city in an outstanding piece of art that was submitted by Reddit user GFriendBLACKPINK. On the official subreddit, the post has received over 2.2k upvotes, with many fans complementing the incredibly accurate design. Players must first get to Adventure Ran 20 on the planet of Teyvat in order to access this portal. Following that, players must travel to Cape Oath, a subregion on the eastern end of the Anemo. When they arrive for the first time, they discover a portal that leads to Musk Reef, a moon-shaped island where the actual Spiral Abyss gateway is situated.

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Since it enables users to gather valuable rewards like Primogems—the game’s primary currency that enables players to tug on the main character and equipment banners—many fans regard the Spiral Abyss floors as their favorite activity. Players can often farm these rewards in The Spiral Abyss because it resets twice every month, but they must also change their team lineups to match the new adversary lineups.

Would you dare enter if you saw this pop up in the middle of the street?
byu/GFriendBLACKPINK inGenshin_Impact

Spiral Abyss Usage Statistics: Who’s the Best?

The most often utilized character in the most recent Spiral Abyss is Bennett, a well-known Pyro sword user, according to a Genshin Impact chart. Bennett is regarded as the best backup in the game although having been a lower four-star frequency since he can fit into almost any team setup. Fantastic Voyage, his Elemental Burst, is one of a great deal of potent techniques in the game because it offers both a great healing benefit and a respectable damage bonus.

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Yelan, a Hydro user who was just featured, follows him in the supporting role. Unlike Bennett, Yelan’s kit focuses on dealing damage in bursts and using the Hydro element. Nahida, the guardian of Sumeru, is the primary Archon on the list, despite the fact that they typically place well on usage statistics.


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