Genshin Impact Tier List October 2023

Genshin Impact tier list
24/10/2023 | Explore Genshin Impact tier list. Find the best characters for your party with detailed rankings from S to D-tier. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Are you searching for the best Genshin Impact tier list to assemble the ultimate dream team? Look no further; we’ve ranked the characters based on their performance, versatility, and synergy within the game. With 72 characters available, finding your favourites can be daunting, but our tier list provides insight into their overall effectiveness.

SS-Tier: Genshin Impact Tier List  Characters

1. Ayaka

  • Ayaka, the Cryo Sword user, introduced in the 2.0 update, is a top-tier character. She excels as a DPS character, triggering the Melt reaction effortlessly, making her a valuable asset in your roster.

2. Kazuha

  • Kazuha, an Anemo Sword character from Inazuma, boasts incredible versatility and high damage output when used correctly. His elemental abilities work wonders in elemental reactions, making him a formidable choice.

3. Zhongli

  • Initially considered underpowered due to Geo’s state, Zhongli has since risen to prominence. His Jade Shield ability empowers your DPS characters by allowing them to focus on offence, making him a fantastic support character.

4. Hu Tao

  • Hu Tao, a Polearm Pyro character, can deal massive damage when managed effectively. She thrives when her health is below 50%, making her one of the best DPS characters in the game.

5. Raiden Shogun

  • Raiden Shogun’s support build provides exceptional energy generation, making her versatile in various teams. She’s not only a top-tier DPS character but also benefits from the Dendro element’s introduction.

6. Yelan

  • Yelan is akin to a five-star version of Xingqiu and excels as a sub-DPS character. Her scaling with HP simplifies the gear and artefact selection process, making her ideal for challenging Spiral Abyss levels.

7. Bennett

  • Bennett is a versatile support character, offering damage boosts, healing, and the ability to deal damage when needed. His popularity in the hardest Spiral Abyss floors speaks volumes about his effectiveness.

8. Ganyu

  • Ganyu remains one of the best DPS characters with her Cryo abilities, enabling permanent freezing when paired with a Hydro character. Her charged attack can shoot different Cryo arrows, and her elemental abilities provide potent AoE damage.

9. Xiangling

  • Xiangling, despite being a four-star character, is a powerful Pyro character. Her elemental skill summons a fire-breathing teddy bear, and her burst surrounds her with fire, making her valuable for various team compositions.

10. Yae Miko – Electro characters like Yae Miko have become increasingly popular since the 3.0 update introduced Dendro. Her synergy with Electro and Dendro elemental reactions is potent, especially in the sub-DPS role.

11. Nahida – As an Archon character, Nahida has lived up to the hype with her incredible synergy within the Genshin Impact roster. She enhances Dendro parties, replacing characters like the Traveler and improving your overall performance.

Remember that personal playstyle, available weapons, artefacts, and team composition can significantly impact a character’s value. While our tier list is a valuable reference, don’t hesitate to use your favourite characters or experiment with different combinations to find the best setup for your Genshin Impact journey.

S-Tier: Genshin Impact Tier List  Characters

Continuing from the S-tier characters, Genshin Impact offers a diverse roster, and character effectiveness depends on your playstyle and team composition. Here are more top-tier characters you can consider for your dream team:


  • Neuvillette is the first Hydro hypercarry in the game, excelling as an on-field damage dealer. His charged attack is a devastating Hydro cannon, and he performs best with characters that can apply shields and off-field healing. Neuvillette’s charged attack damage is further boosted when triggering Hydro reactions.


  • As the sole Anemo character focused on DPS, Xiao specializes in attacking multiple enemies with plunging attacks. He easily triggers Swirl elemental reactions with various characters, making him a versatile choice for your team.


  • Unlike many other Geo characters, Albedo continuously triggers high-damage Geo-infused elemental reactions. His elemental abilities create large area-of-effect Geo explosions, and his short elemental skill cooldown makes him a formidable choice.


  • Klee is a Pyro character with a high base attack and ascension bonuses, making her easy to build for maximum Pyro damage. Her abilities focus on dealing explosive Pyro damage, but positioning is essential for optimal performance.


  • This Hydro character can switch between ranged and melee combat, making him versatile in setting up Hydro/Electro or Hydro/Cryo combinations. He excels in dealing with high elemental damage.


  • Venti, a Bow and Anemo character, is a top-tier elemental support. His skill launches enemies or objects into the air, creating a massive Stormeye that absorbs and enhances Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo elements for extra damage output.


  • As a Hydro character, Mona’s elemental burst can immobilize multiple enemies and potentially freeze them when paired with a Cryo teammate. Her taunting Phantom protects your main DPS, and she’s highly mobile.


  • Keqing boasts incredibly high base stats, making her stand out in terms of attack power, HP, and defence. She excels as a melee fighter with strong Electro abilities. Her versatility makes her a valuable addition to many teams.
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  • Kokomi is Genshin Impact’s latest Hydro healer, gaining popularity with the introduction of the Dendro element. She excels in utilizing new elemental reactions and offers excellent healing abilities, countering damage caused by bleed effects.


  • Itto, initially met with hesitancy, has proven his worth as a Geo DPS character. With the right party members, he can deal significant damage, although he requires a Geo-focused team to truly shine.


  • Kamisato Ayato, when used in the right team compositions, can serve as a primary DPS character. His Hydro abilities create elemental reactions, particularly potent when combined with Cryo characters for freezing effects.


  • Eula stands out as a top-tier damage dealer, capable of unleashing massive physical damage by building up Grimheart stacks. She excels at inflicting Cryo for Superconduct reactions, reducing enemies’ physical resistance for enhanced damage.


  • Alhaitham is a Dendro DPS character who excels in Dendro teams. He relies on Dendro mirrors activated through his elemental skill. While challenging to master, he brings firepower to tackle the Spiral Abyss.

Kuki Shinobu:

  • Kuki Shinobu has seen a surge in potential with the Dendro characters’ introduction. In teams focused on triggering the Hyperbloom elemental reaction, she shines by healing her team while dealing substantial damage.


  • As a Dendro support character, Baizhu complements many teams with his ability to create strong shields. When paired with Hydro characters, he unlocks great potential in battle.

Each character on this list has unique strengths and synergies, so consider your team composition and playstyle to determine which top-tier characters suit your Genshin Impact adventure best.

A-Tier: Genshin Impact Tier List  Characters

In the A-tier of Genshin Impact characters, you’ll find a variety of characters that excel in different roles and playstyles. Here’s a closer look at these formidable characters:


  • Wriothesley is a Cryo Catalyst character known for his close-range combat. He boosts his normal attack’s effectiveness by sacrificing health. This unique playstyle makes him a primary on-field damage dealer in a team, where Pyro characters like Bennett and Xiangling can provide elemental synergy and damage buffs.


  • If you haven’t acquired a 5-star main DPS character, Razor is a top-tier option. He wields a Claymore and boasts high attack power, making him one of the best melee fighters in Genshin Impact. His abilities enhance melee attacks but are less focused on creating elemental reactions.


  • With one of the game’s highest base attacks, Yanfei is a Pyro character that excels in creating strong elemental reactions. Her abilities make her a powerful and versatile addition to many teams.


  • Rosaria, a Cryo-based four-star character, shines both as a damage dealer and as support. Her versatile abilities allow her to fit into various team compositions.


  • Jean is a versatile Anemo support and healer, despite having a lower base attack. Her combined melee attacks, crowd control abilities, and HP regeneration make her a valuable asset to any team.


  • Fischl is an Electro character with the unique ability to summon Oz, her familiar, on the battlefield. With constellation and talent upgrades, Oz can deal high Electro damage, making her adept at creating Electro-infused elemental reactions.


  • As a Hydro Catalyst character, Barbara has a lower base attack but excels as a healer. She can heal individual characters with her elemental skill or the entire team with her elemental burst, although she may inadvertently apply the ‘wet’ condition.


  • Yoimiya’s abilities revolve around fireworks but don’t deal significant AoE damage. She requires strong team support to excel in the hardest parts of the Spiral Abyss. There’s potential for improvement based on community feedback.


  • Thoma plays a niche role in specific teams, offering shield support. His shields provide non-flinching status and work well against larger, slower bosses in the game. He may not match the best support characters but can be valuable in Pyro-focused parties.


  • Once considered one of the best DPS characters, Diluc boasts a high base attack and impressive Pyro damage. Although his elemental abilities are suited for elemental reactions, his damage output may not compete with the latest SS-tier characters.


  • As Genshin Impact’s first five-star Dendro character, Tighnari demonstrates the potential of the new element in encouraging diverse team compositions. Dendro reactions pair well with Electro characters, introducing fresh strategies.


  • Cyno serves as the main damage dealer in a party. With the right build, he can complete the toughest Spiral Abyss floors without losing characters. While competent, Cyno may lack that extra something to become a top-tier character.


  • Wanderer’s unique flight ability sets him apart, but his damage output doesn’t rival the best DPS characters. Teaming up with Faruzan, who enhances Anemo’s damage, and using the best Wanderer build may still leave him short of the competition.
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  • Yaoyao can serve as a support DPS or a healer. She excels at healing and also deals damage when her White Jade Radishes explode. Her abilities shine when paired with Electro characters for elemental reactions.


  • Kaveh, introduced in the 3.6 update, offers explosive elemental reactions. His abilities are potent when creating Bloom and Burgeon reactions, making him valuable in Dendro teams.


  • Kirara is a Dendro sword user with a strong shield capability, especially against Dendro enemies. She excels as a support character, offering valuable shield support and durability. Completing certain quests in Sumeru allows players to acquire her.

A-tier characters in Genshin Impact provide excellent versatility and utility in various team compositions, contributing to successful adventures across Teyvat.

B-Tier: Genshin Impact Tier List  Characters

The B-tier of Genshin Impact characters includes a diverse group of characters who offer unique abilities and skills but may not excel as much as those in higher tiers. Let’s take a closer look at the B-tier characters:


  • Sayu is an Anemo and Claymore user with the ability to deal damage and heal party members. While she may not stand out as much as some top-tier characters, she can perform well in certain team compositions as both a support and DPS character.


  • Xingqiu’s sword attacks are average, and his elemental cooldowns are relatively long. He is best suited for providing healing support through his passive skill. His ability to heal the current character can be valuable in specific team setups.


  • Xinyan is a Pyro character with one of the highest base attacks among four-star characters. However, her role as a Claymore Pyro character might make her seem less impressive when compared to popular Claymore and Pyro characters.


  • Chongyun excels as a Claymore melee character and can also serve as an area-of-effect Cryo character. His ability to freeze multiple enemies when paired with a Hydro character can be effective, thanks to his short elemental burst cooldown.


  • Sucrose is an alchemy enthusiast with Anemo abilities, capable of launching enemies into the air. She can absorb various elements with her burst, converting them into extra damage output. While similar to Venti, she may not be as strong as the latter.


  • Diona is known for her Cryo abilities that can freeze multiple enemies at once. She also provides healing and protective shields, making her a valuable elemental support character, particularly for beginner teams.

Kujou Sara:

  • Kujou Sara can be considered somewhat awkward due to her move set. Her best build involves using her as an Electro battery, ideally with at least one other Electro character in the party to maximize her potential.


  • Gorou’s primary focus is supporting Geo characters. While beneficial for Geo party members, his limited applicability in various teams may hold him back.

Yun Jin:

  • Yun Jin differs from most Geo characters in that she benefits from diverse elemental teams, specifically those that rely on normal hits. Her flexibility in team composition makes her a unique character in this element.


  • Shenhe is a Cryo support character with abilities that buff other Cryo characters. Although she may have appeared less useful upon release, her ranking has improved in 2023, making her a viable choice for various teams.


  • Heizou is an Anemo Catalyst user with a close-range melee playstyle. His ability to deal significant damage with the right build and team composition makes him a strong option, especially for free-to-play players.


  • Candace is the first Hydro Polearm user and offers Hydro infusion to specific characters. She also possesses a powerful shield. While she may not be a top choice for support, her versatility and Hydro abilities make her a fun character to play.


  • Nilou is one of the characters introduced in the 3.0 and 3.1 updates, focusing on Hydro and Dendro elemental reactions. With the right build, she can deal considerable damage using the Bloom elemental reaction, although her options for team compositions are limited.


  • Lyney, a five-star Pyro Bow DPS character, specializes in charge shots, making him challenging to play on mobile devices. He performs best when paired with other Pyro characters and specific team setups.

B-tier characters in Genshin Impact offer unique abilities and playstyles, and while they may not be among the top choices, they can still be valuable additions to various team compositions.

C-Tier: Genshin Impact Tier List  Characters

The C-tier of Genshin Impact characters consists of characters who are generally less popular or versatile than those in higher tiers. Let’s explore the C-tier characters:


  • Noelle is a Geo Claymore character who excels in providing shields and some healing. She’s often considered a beginner-friendly character, but her healing capabilities may not be as potent as dedicated healers in the game.
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  • Lisa is an Electro Catalyst user with area-of-effect (AoE) abilities. She can be useful for starting players due to her higher base attack and AoE attacks, making it easy to maximize her electro-damage output. However, she might be outclassed by other characters as you progress.


  • Kaeya is a Cryo Sword-wielder who can function as a main DPS for early players. While he boasts decent energy recharge stats, his elemental abilities may not be as powerful or versatile as other Cryo characters.


  • The Traveler is unique for their ability to switch between different elemental types, providing versatility to the team. Their normal sword attacks are not highly damaging, but their utility in providing various elements can be valuable in specific team compositions.


  • Ningguang is a Catalyst character with unique shield abilities that can be used for battlefield control. With the 1.3 update boosting Geo characters, she may find more relevance in the game. Her Geo abilities and shield can create strategic advantages in combat.


  • Beidou is a character whose power may require high constellation levels to reach her full potential. Her elemental abilities are more effective at constellation level four. Players may find her challenging to optimize compared to other Claymore characters.


  • Qiqi is a Cryo Sword character with high attack stats and healing abilities. Her versatility as both an attacker and healer can be advantageous. However, her effectiveness as a healer may decrease in the later stages of the game where healing isn’t a top priority.


  • Aloy is a crossover character from the Horizon series and serves as a sub-DPS option in specific teams. Her effectiveness is somewhat limited due to her lack of constellations, but she can still be a valuable addition to the right team composition.


  • Mika is a niche character that can provide damage boosts to Cryo and Physical teams, particularly when paired with certain characters. Her value increases with constellations two and six, which enhance her critical damage and attack speed.


  • Collei is Genshin Impact’s first four-star Dendro bow user. She can be fun to play, but her overall performance may be limited, especially when compared to the Dendro Traveler. Her impact on team compositions can be limited due to the scarcity of Dendro characters.


  • Dori is an Electro healer with a Claymore. Her best role is as a supporting character, but her current effectiveness is affected by the limited Dendro character pool. She may become more relevant with future Dendro additions to the game.


  • Layla is from the Sumeru region and provides damage while protecting characters with her shield. Her unique abilities allow her to excel in Cryo teams, but she needs Constellation Three to truly shine.


  • Faruzan is a four-star Anemo character with support abilities that enhance elemental damage for Anemo characters. However, to unlock her full potential, players may need to invest in constellations, making her a situational choice.


  • Lynette was available for free during an event. She is an Anemo Sword user and can work as a DPS support character. Her abilities allow her to group enemies for the main DPS to handle.


  • Freminet is a Cryo character specializing in physical damage, with a mechanic that builds up pressure to deal with physical burst damage. While the mechanic is unique, his use is often limited to parties designed to maximize physical damage.

C-tier characters may have niche uses or be better suited to specific team compositions, but they are generally less versatile or powerful than characters in higher tiers.

D-Tier: Genshin Impact Tier List  Characters

In the D-tier of Genshin Impact characters, we find characters who are generally considered the least powerful or versatile in the game. Here are the characters in this tier:


  • Amber is a character that has faced criticism for her underwhelming abilities. Her elemental skill has a long cooldown, low damage output, and scales with her HP. Her elemental burst and normal attack are also considered lacklustre. Players often use her primarily for exploration and solving puzzles rather than combat.


  • Dehya’s placement in the D-tier is attributed to her underwhelming performance. During the Genshin Impact 3.5 beta, she initially showed potential as a five-star DPS unit, but she received multiple nerfs during that period, resulting in a significant drop in her damage output. Even with the best Dehya build, high-level talents, and optimal artefact sets, her abilities struggle to synergize effectively with her party, making her less powerful than both normal five-star and certain four-star characters. Players are advised to consider other characters when spending their primogems.

Characters in the D-tier may have limited applications and are generally considered less effective in combat scenarios, making them less popular choices among players.

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