Geng.G Esports Valorant: Defeats Team Rise in VCT

Geng.G Esports Valorant
Geng Valorant Roaster

Geng.G Esports Valorant: American organization geng Valorant defeated Team Rise to march forward in the Valorant Champions Tour North America. Moreover, the team earlier lost to the champions Sentinels and was forced to compete in the lower bracket. Now, they will face one of the losing teams between 100 Thieves or Envy esports.

So, let’s have a look forward to the team gen.g Valorant roaster and their recent achievements.

Geng.G Esports Valorant: Everything You Need To Know

GengG Esports Valorant
A Tournament Winner Geng Esports

Geng.g is an American organization which formed in 2017. Furthermore, the organization is ranked 6th on the Forbes list of the world’s most valuable esports companies. Geng acquired the French Canadian squad of Valorant in 2020 and stepped into the Riot’s game.

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Gen.g is currently ranked 4th among the North America Valorant teams. Moreover, they are competing in the Valorant Champions Tour currently and are in Stage 3. Also, they are now two steps away to make their way into the finals of the lower bracket.

Geng.G Esports Valorant Roaster

In 2020 geng esports acquired the Valorant lineup of the French Canadian team. Later on, they made changes in the squad, and currently, they are a five-man team with a head coach.

Effys, Player 1, and Huynh are the former players of the team. Furthermore, Player 1 is now a part of Version 1 who represented the NA side in Iceland at VCT Masters. Here is the list of players who represents geng.g esports in Valorant with their agents:

  • Gmd: Raze, Omen
  • Nature: Sage, Viper
  • Koosta: Viper, Omen, Jett
  • MKael: Brimstone, Sova
  • Shawn: Raze, Skye
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Recent Results

Valorant Champions Tour Geng
VCT Match against Team Envy

Geng.g Esports is currently playing in the Valorant Champions Tour matches of North America. Moreover, they lost their first match against Sentinels are now in the Lower bracket. They defeated team Rise by 2-1 in the lower bracket and will face team 100 Thieves or Envy esports in the next round.

The team is looking strong but all of the teams in the competition are coming up with insane plays. So, can geng esports defeat Champions Sentinels? We have to watch it on July 12.

All Match Reports

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