Potential Game-Changing Addition: Leaked Sniper Rifle ‘Outlaw’ Valorant

27/10/2023 | Excitement stirs in Valorant as leaked images hint at a potential new sniper rifle, the “Outlaw,” offering game-changing possibilities. | Credits: Valor Leaks

In an unexpected turn of events, the Valorant community is abuzz with excitement as leaked images of a potential new sniper rifle have surfaced. This weapon, known as the “Outlaw,” could mark the very first addition to the game’s arsenal since its inception. Several influential Valorant influencers and accounts have shared images of the Outlaw, which was spotted in what appears to be an early access build of the game.

A Glimpse of the Outlaw

The leaked images showcase the Outlaw, a sniper rifle positioned between the two established sniper rifles in Valorant – the Marshal and the Operator. While the source of these images appears to be a Chinese Valorant clip on Bilibili, the focus was meant to be on new bundle skins. However, viewers couldn’t help but notice the presence of the Outlaw in the game’s buy menu.

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One intriguing aspect of the leaked information is the pricing of the Outlaw. Priced at 2,400 credits, it falls between the somewhat budget-friendly Marshal, which costs 950 credits, and the mighty Operator, which commands a hefty price tag of 4,700 credits. This pricing strategy positions the Outlaw as a significant contender in Valorant’s evolving weapon lineup.

Game-Changing Potential

The introduction of the Outlaw has sparked discussions and speculations within the Valorant community. While the Marshal can eliminate an enemy at maximum health with just two shots at any range, the idea of a more powerful sniper rifle raises questions. Players are curious about how the Outlaw will differentiate itself from the existing sniper rifles, particularly the Operator, known for its one-shot potential.

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Outlaw Style and Possible Role

Stylistically, the Outlaw is reminiscent of Old West lever-action rifles, drawing comparisons to weapons like the Lockwood Mk 2 marksman rifle from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. These lever-action rifles are known for their high damage range. The Outlaw’s shorter scope suggests that it might serve as a marksman rifle, distinct from the traditional snipers. This distinction could mean a higher fire rate, less damage per shot, and a shorter zoom, catering to a different playstyle.

However, it’s essential to remember that all these speculations are preliminary, based solely on leaked images and not official statements from Riot Games. As excitement builds within the Valorant community, players eagerly anticipate an official announcement from Riot Games regarding the potential addition of the Outlaw sniper rifle to the game.

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The Outlaw’s unique design and potential gameplay changes have ignited curiosity and discussions among players. As the Valorant community eagerly awaits further details, the possible introduction of this new weapon could indeed be a game-changing addition to the popular tactical shooter.

With the Outlaw on the horizon, Valorant’s future holds exciting possibilities for players looking to diversify their sniper rifle choices and tactics. Whether it becomes a beloved addition or a source of controversy, only time will tell. Players are now keeping a close watch on Riot Games for any official announcements regarding this intriguing new development in Valorant’s ever-evolving arsenal.

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