Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 : Phoenix Force Crowned as the Winner

Phoenix Force from Thailand emerged as the winner of the Free Fire world Series (FFWS) 2021 tournament. Read the article to know the overall standings of the game.

Phoenix Force win Free Fire World Series 2021
Phoenix Force win Free Fire World Series 2021

Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 has come to an end with grand finals on May 30, 2021. Here we have the undefeated champions of the world’s greatest eSports tournament, Phoenix Force from Thailand. FFWS 2021 was played at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the event had a prize pool of $2 million. Phoenix Force in Free Fire World Series tournament took the title with their insane skills and won $500,000 as the prize money. Read the article to know more about Free Fire World Series 2021 winner and overall standings.

Free Fire World Series 2021 Winner: Phoenix Force 

There were a total of 12 teams to take part in FFWS 2021 but Phoenix Force had some different plans to dominate the game. The squad from Thailand dominated the Free Fire World Series finals by securing a total of four booyahs out of 6 matches. Moreover, with a total of 113 points and 48 frags, they emerged as the table topper in the event. Also, the Cruz from Phoenix won the MVP title with 23 kills. 

The top 12 teams in FFWS 2021 gave incredible performances to take the trophy home. Besides the FFWS 2021 finals had a great viewership of more than 5.4 million. Thus, this makes it the most-watched eSports tournament in the history of Free Fire.

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Free Fire World Series Finals: Overall Standings

The teams played six matches across Bermuda, Kalhari, and Purgatory. Phoenix Force won the first three successive matches. With their devastating start, they had a total of 11 kills in their first match. Team Aze with the second position has 12 kills to their name.

In the second match, the squad from Thailand took 11 enemies while in the third they had only 6 frags. Likewise, Silence killed 10 and 8 opponents in the second and third matches respectively.

Till the third match, Phoenix Force was leading the table with 64 points and team Silence followed them in the second position with 44 points on the table.

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In the fourth and fifth match, Phoenix secured the top three positions with 14 and 2 kills respectively while HQ Esports claimed the Booyah in both the matches with 2 and 1 frags. Loud won the fifth match with 8 kills.

In the final sixth match, Phoenix won and sealed the trophy with 4 kills. As a result, they claimed 4 out of six booyahs.

Here are the overall standings of the teams in FFWS 2021:

Free Fire World Series 2021 Finals Overall Standings

The prize pool distribution in FFWS 2021:

1st Place – $500,000

2nd Place – $250,000

3rd-4th Place – $100,000

5th-6th Place – $90,000

7th-8th Place – $80,000

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9th-10th Place – $70,000

11th-12th Place – $60,000

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