Free Fire OB39 Update: Upcoming Characters Leaks

Free Fire OB39 Update Upcoming Characters Leaks
11/02/2023/ Free Fire OB39 Update Upcoming Characters Leaks / Credits – Garena

Gamers are anticipating new features in Free Fire as the release of the OB39 update for the Advance Server approaches. There have been recent reports of new character designs created by the devs that could appear in the upcoming upgrades.

Free Fire OB39 Update Upcoming Characters Leaks

Five additional characters that will be included in subsequent releases have reportedly been leaked, according to well-known data miners KnightClown and Vipclown. These may be the next characters to enter the game because Garena is notorious for adding new characters with each update. The character list that was leaked is shown below.

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Twin Killers

The younger brother and his elder sister are combined to form The Twin Killers. Both siblings work cohesively to identify and ruthlessly eliminate their opponents. The elder sister surreptitiously gathers information using her influence, then remotely transmits it to her younger brother.

The younger brother, however, is a deadly assassin who enjoys being a killing machine.

Geek Explorer

A talented student, Geek Explorer excels in mechanical engineering. Although his body may be weak, he is incredibly brave and resolute. Geek Explorer enjoys travelling and creating various mechanical devices to survey uncharted territory.


A true mafia lord who traffics in firearms, Godgather. He appears to be a prosperous freight merchant on paper. However, the Godfather widely disseminated military equipment through his distribution network.

Bounty Huntress

An assassin with a cold heart who solely wants money is called Bounty Huntress. She possesses excellent combat prowess and completes her chores as quickly as she can.


Being a cyborg, Sonia has access to both the strength of natural and artificial intelligence. She is merciless and unrelenting in her search for the truth and wants to use nano-biotechnology to change the human species.

Free Fire OB39 Update

One strategy used by the game’s creators to keep players interested and draw in new users is to regularly release new and distinctive things through OB Updates. The release date of the OB39 Update is anticipated to be March 22, 2023, according to data miner PureLeaks OFC.

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Thus, the Advance Server’s launch is anticipated during the first week of March. It is crucial to remember that this date is not official.

The client-server is normally made available by Garena two weeks before the patch’s debut. So, right now, all attention should be on the server’s release.

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