Free Fire OB39 Update Official Release Date

Free Fire OB39 Update
16/03/2023/ Free Fire OB39 Update / Credits – Garena

Players have already had a quick preview of what the devs have planned for the future update thanks to the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server. Meanwhile, Garena published its posters for the update’s release to emphasize the significant improvements coming to the game, which further increased anticipation.

Some of the key components of the next update include character skill rewards, a new character system, and adjustments to the CS and BR. When the event is over, gamers can anticipate a ton of fresh events and freebies to keep them interested in the game.

Free Fire OB39 Update

On March 22, 2023, gamers will be able to download the Free Fire OB39 upgrade, according to the in-game area on the Indian server. While formally announcing the release date, Garena has not yet disclosed any details on the precise time of the release.

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It should go without saying that any online multiplayer game upgrades often come with a lengthy maintenance window before the patch. To that aim, the creators anticipate releasing the most recent version of the game between 5:30 and 6:00 am (GMT +0) a few hours after this break.

The maintenance plan for the much-awaited Free Fire OB39 update has not yet been disclosed by Garena. The schedules this time around may vary, however, the developers have said that the maintenance period would be shorter.

The game is effectively rendered unavailable for a few hours at a time during this process, and players are still required to wait during this period even after updating to the most recent version. They will get an error message warning them that the server won’t be ready for a while if they try to launch the game after downloading the update.

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Free Fire OB39 Features

The battle royale game’s whole character system will be revamped with the release of the OB39 update. Characters will eventually be obtained by players using gold, and they will come with the maximum number of skill slots and levels. It’s interesting that the same modifications also apply to pet skills.

To balance the game, Garena probably will make changes to several characters in Free Fire. Characters Dasha, Otho, Xayne, and Ford will undergo formal alterations. Alvaro Awakens should also be replaced entirely in the game.

In the standard edition, a new Super Revival Card will be made accessible as shown on the Advance Server. In-game tasks will also be included in the BR mode, along with faster transportation. Next, the BR/CS Map projection tool with prior season history has undoubtedly caught the player base’s interest.

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The additions and modifications stated above will only be verified once the patch notes go online, even though Garena has already confirmed several features.

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