Free Fire OB38: New Bundles, Vehicle Skins, and More

Free Fire OB38 New Bundles, Vehicle Skins, and More
23/01/2023/ Free Fire OB38 New Bundles, Vehicle Skins, and More / Credits – Free Fire

Aesthetic changes for the free fire OB38 version have been the subject of fresh leaks. Several distinctive clothing, vehicle skins, and melee weapon skins are among the goods displayed and might soon be seen in the well-known battle royale game.

Several well-known data miners, including SmartClown, Top Leaks FF, and KnightClown, are responsible for these leaks. The fame of the leakers, who present an in-depth analysis of the impending things in the game, gives gravity to these disclosures.

Free Fire OB38 New Update

SmartClown recently shared with their viewers a list of potential additions to Free Fire on YouTube. The following costumes might be included in the game if the leaks prove to be true:

  • Hunter Dante Bundle
  • Hunter Neyo Bundle
  • Santinoโ€™s Fine โ€˜nโ€™ Fresh Bundle
  • Pixel Crocoslayer Bundle
  • Crocotamer Bundle
  • Starlight Gazer Bundle
  • Plated Wanderlust Bundle
  • Risen Wanderlust Bundle
  • e-Heartseeker Bundle
  • Retro Evergreen Bundle
  • Neo Evergreen Bundle
  • Bionic Vagabond Bundle
  • Corrupted Vein Bundle
  • Bionic Vagabond Bundle
  • Cutthroat Candy Bundle
  • Sweetie Villain Bundle
  • Blizzard Brawler Bundle
  • Hailstorm Honey Bundle
  • Defierโ€™s Anthem Bundle
  • Project Qualia Bundle
  • Project Ether Bundle
  • Haute Minimalist Bundle
  • Silent Statement Bundle
  • Void Genotype Bundle
  • Lacuna Genotype Bundle
  • Maid Gone Mayhem Bundle
  • BunnyRingleader Bundle
  • Primal Wrath Bundle
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Free Fire OB38 emotes, arrival animations, and other cosmetics

The KnightClown data miner has also provided information about the impending Loot Box. These are some potential changes:

  • Crocoslayer Loot
  • BoxBlizzard Loot
  • BoxAchiever Loot
  • BoxTechno Joy Loot
  • BoxCandy Bunny Loot
  • BoxPop-Pow Loot
  • BoxLucky Mayhem Loot
  • BoxRuins Colossus Loot
  • BoxGilded Large Tote
  • Project Qualia Loot Box
  • Night Bite Loot Box

The earlier-mentioned objects have been hinted to by the data miners in a few places, but they haven’t released any information on when or how they would be included to Free Fire. It would be realistic to presume that not all of them would be given out for free, and people could need to use diamonds in order to get these.

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It is critical to stress that they are leaks and should be regarded with skepticism. On all game servers in the ongoing OB38 edition, Garena may or may not add the already listed things.

The data miners have given us a sneak preview of the future products, but they have not yet disclosed all the specifics of the release. The occasion and date for purchasing the new cosmetics have not yet been made public. However, it is realistic to expect that only a small number of them will be free, with the remainder requiring purchases made with diamonds, the premium in-game money for Free Fire.

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Even when they come from trustworthy sources, it is advisable to treat all leaks with caution because the creators might at any point alter their minds. Hopefully, some of the previously stated things will appear in the battle royale game soon.

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