Free Fire OB38: Emotes, Arrival Animations, Loot Boxes, and More

Free Fire OB38 Emotes, Arrival Animations, Loot Boxes, and More
16/01/2023/ Free Fire OB38 Emotes, Arrival Animations, Loot Boxes, and More / Credits – Free Fire

Free Fire and its MAX edition frequently feature new cosmetics. They are frequently made available through events like Luck Royale by their developers. Character customization enthusiasts like the game’s frequent additions of new equipment. Purchasing the newest skins has taken on a bit of a trend in the community.

Numerous new cosmetic items will be added to the battle royale game with the upcoming free fire OB38 update. A new arrival animation and many emotes that will probably be released in the upcoming weeks or months were just obtained by well-known data miner VIP Clown.

Free Fire OB38 emotes, arrival animations, and other cosmetics

Some of the emotes that may soon be added to Free Fire were revealed by leaker VIP Clown in a recent Instagram post. As follows:

  • The Influencer
  • Techno Blast
  • Be my Valentine
  • Angry Walk
  • Make Some Noise
  • Croco Hooray
  • Cinder Summon
  • Shall We Dance
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The data miner’s remarks are typically taken seriously since in the past, he gave followers reliable information on planned activities and cosmetics.

Additionally, VIP Clown contributed a few arrival animations, including:

  • Let’s Rock Baby!
  • Koi Descend
  • Achiever Steps

The KnightClown data miner has also provided information about the impending Loot Box. These are some potential changes:

  • Crocoslayer Loot
  • BoxBlizzard Loot
  • BoxAchiever Loot
  • BoxTechno Joy Loot
  • BoxCandy Bunny Loot
  • BoxPop-Pow Loot
  • BoxLucky Mayhem Loot
  • BoxRuins Colossus Loot
  • BoxGilded Large Tote
  • Project Qualia Loot Box
  • Night Bite Loot Box

The following skyboard skins were also made public, and they could soon be included in the game:

  • Carnival Skyboard
  • Achiever Skyboard
  • Project Qualia Skyboard
  • Crocoslyaer Skyboard
  • Pyronoc Skyboard
  • Blizzard Snowboard
  • Immortal Stoneplate
  • Antique Tempo Skyboard
  • Flying Pan
  • Project Ether Skyboard
  • Colossus Skyboard
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The data miners have given us a sneak preview of the future products, but they have not yet disclosed all the specifics of the release. The occasion and date for purchasing the new cosmetics have not yet been made public. However, it is realistic to expect that only a small number of them will be free, with the remainder requiring purchases made with diamonds, the premium in-game money for Free Fire.

Even when they come from trustworthy sources, it is advisable to treat all leaks with caution because the creators might at any point alter their minds. Hopefully, some of the previously stated things will appear in the battle royale game soon.

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