Garena Free Fire OB34 Advance Server: How to Obtain Activation Code?

Garena Free Fire OB34 Advance Server
Garena Free Fire OB34 Advance Server

Garena Free Fire OB34 Advance Server Update: There are different types of updates in Free Fire like bug fixes, event and collaboration updates, and last but the biggest updates. The biggest and most major update by Garena is the OB update which comes with the biggest changes. In this blog post, you will read about the advanced server activation code and the release of the next OB update. 

Before the official release date, Garena comes with a beta version of the game with all the latest updates and features. Garena Free Fire OB34 Advance Server update is for real-time checking and getting feedback from the player of the garena. Moreover, players also get to experience the features of the new game before anyone else in the world. 

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But the number of players who can participate in the advanced server is not too much so players need to hurry. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get your hands on the latest Advance Server of the free Fire then keep reading this blog. 

What is OB34 Advance Server in Garena Free Fire? 

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According to the rumors, the next OB34 update is soon going to launch within a week. Moreover, like any other OB update before any official update, we will get an Advance Sever. So, Advance Server is a type of update where the players can experience the latest feature before the official release. 

It’s more like a beta version of an application like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. These applications come with their beta version with the latest update and features. But the thing is these services are only available for several users. The same goes for the Garena Free Fire OB34 Advance Server which is going to release in a few days or within a week. 

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Furthermore, there is an important thing you need to accrue to join the advanced server. To join the advanced server you need a special type of password which is the Activation Code. The first few people who fill this code will get a chance to use the advanced server. 

How to Obtain the Activation Code? 

As we know, the activation code is key to Garena Free Fire OB34 Advance Server and comes at the same time. In order words, the advanced server is still not live and that’s why there is a way to get your hands on the activation code. 

The next update will come in the 2nd or 3rd week of this month and many people are expecting it on the 24th of May. But still, it’s not sure about the official release, advance server, or even activation code. If you want to know more about the update then you must read our blog in the fire for the latest information in the future. 

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