Free Fire New Event to Celebrate Holi: Your True Colours

Here we will give you detailed information regarding the new events that Garena has announced to celebrate Holi.

Free Fire - Holi
Free Fire – Holi

Garena has planned to celebrate the mega Indian festival Holi, through new in-game events in the game. Free Fire has also lined up a lot of exciting events, rewards, and content for survivors to enjoy this beautiful occasion. Here we will give you detailed information regarding the new events that Garena has announced to celebrate Holi.

Unleash your true colours in Free Fire Holi Event

The new event has already started on 15th, 2021. It begins with a Demoness, who invades in Free Fire and steal all the colours. Then, players turn to in-game characters Kelly, Hayato and Misha. Together, they undertake a mission to hunt down the Demoness and retrieve all the colours.

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Survivors need to complete two stages to finish the task. When you will meet a specific requirement, only then you are able to unfasten the next stage.

Stage 1- Fight for your Colours

The first stage of the Holi event is “Fight for Colours”. It has already started on March 15th and will go till March 29th. Here players need to choose a particular coloured exploration track to find the Demoness, then unleash the stolen colours. The event will also keep the track of your progress. The demoness will be defeated after all the players reach a particular milestone.

Here players will get the Punkster Runner bundle, a Custom Room Card, a Character Level 8 Card, and an Awakening Shard as a reward for stage 1.

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Stage 2- Your True Colours

Stage 2 begins by taking a personality test of players. The test will include questions regarding their playing style, making friends to reveal their true colours. This colour will represent the player in the final colour collection.

Moreover, Players need to collect coloured paints after-match drops, exchange any duplicated colours with friends, and obtain a full set of 10 colours to restore them to Free Fire.

Here, they will win exclusive rewards like the One-Finger Push-Up emote and the Cyber Bunnies skyboard in return. The peak day for the Holi event will be on 28th March.

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