Mystery Shop leaked in Free Fire Max Indian Server

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05/11/2022/Free Fire Max Mystery Shop is going to come as per leaks update/Creativity: Guptesh Gaming YouTube.

One of the most widely played battle royale games is Free Fire MAX. With the ability to land on any of the preset maps and equip tools and weapons, the game offers a fantastic survival experience. The winner and recipient of the Booyah title are the player or teams left standing. Players in FF MAX adore cosmetics since they may earn them for fantastic gaming. Mystery Shops provide these things at steep discounts.ย 

A Free Fire MAX Indian server Mystery Shop that will soon be revealed has been leaked on the BB BHAI Instagram page. Viewers can observe various rewards and other events in the page’s cover image. Players will be able to obtain a tonne of amazing outfit bundles and other goodies because the mystery store symbol features two images of tops with a blue and white motif.

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Mystery Shop Items

There will be several goodies available, including costumes, weapon skins, emotes, and much more, all for up to 90% off the retail price. It is one of the best chances to purchase your preferred things for less money than in other store departments. Beginners can quickly learn how to use a Mystery Shop to purchase their preferred things for less expensive costs because the process to access one is fairly simple.ย 

Steps to Purchasing Products

The following is a guide to purchasing products from the Mystery Shop at a discount:

  • You should launch the Free Fire MAX video game on your smartphone.
  • As soon as the new store opens in the game, head to the Mystery Shop icon.
  • New opportunities can get to your account.
  • When you press the luck button, a predetermined discount amount will be added to all of the items in the shop.
  • You can press the Enter button once you have a random discount number.
  • And discounts also can be used to purchase in mystery shops.
  • Older and scarce outfit bundles and emotes tend to be the most popular purchases in each Mystery Shop. One enjoys showing off their vintage clothing, which demonstrates their skill as a gamer.
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