Free Fire Max Weapon Royale for December month: New Leaks

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30/11/2022/Players expecting new weapon royale in Free Fire Max game/Credits: Rasmic Raaz YouTube.

Everyone knows that Free Fire and Free Fire Max both are famous games among many players. Every time garena introduces new weapons to attract the players. In the same way, Free Fire weapon royale along with the Nightslayer Grizzly features is going to over. So, players are expecting new features from garena. They are looking forward new weapon royale. It increases the expectation of players.

Many rumors are spreading that the new Free Fire Max weapon royale might be a Knight clown which is a popular data miner in Free Fire. One of the several Luck Royales in Free Fire MAX is called Weapon Royale, and as the name suggests, it is specifically devoted to gun skins. Every few days, this Luck Royale is updated to provide gamers with new content.

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Free Fire Max Weapon Royale

KnightClown recently leaked information about the upcoming Free Fire MAX Weapon Royale to his Instagram followers. According to the information, the Kingfisher – Song of Hana will be offered as the grand prize in the upcoming days’ Lucky Royale.

Based on the purple and black color scheme, the Kingfisher rifle. While giving up movement speed, it adds intriguing qualities to the table like enhanced damage and range. The assault rifle’s overall attribute composition will increase its ability to deal greater damage at a distance.

There is a cost to the goods in Weapon Royale. Users can use a Weapon Royale Voucher or spin the wheel using diamonds to receive rewards chosen at random from the prize pool. A pack of 10+1 spins costs 400 diamonds, and a single spin costs 40 diamonds.

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Kingfisher Hana

There is no assurance that a certain amount of spins will result in Kingfisher – Song of Hana. However, as they continue to spin the wheel more often, their luck will grow, increasing their chances of winning the big prize as a whole.

It is important to remember that the Kingfisher – Song of Hana’s inclusion in the upcoming Weapon Royale is only a leak and that Garena has not yet officially announced its availability. Readers should therefore treat the information concerning it with a grain of salt.

A few days before the Luck Royales end, Garena normally brings at least one spin, cutting the cost of a spin in half. Individuals now have a better chance of obtaining the aforementioned gun skin. Users can anticipate a deal on Nightslayer Grizzly SVD soon as a result. They can wait for a comparable offer at the same moment, especially in the case of the impending Weapon Royale.

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