Free Fire Max Steel Striker Backpack: New Update

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10/12/2022/Players can collect steel striker backpack in Free Fire Max/Credits: Eshwar Gaming YouTube.

The smaller tasks have been included in several Free Fire MAX campaigns in the past, and Garena has even added them to the ongoing Football Fable campaign. On the Indian server, the first of several missions have begun. To complete it and receive the benefits, you must play a specific number of matches. The Play BR Matches event started on December 9; players can read the section that follows for a thorough summary of the event.

The new Free Fire MAX event’s name pretty much tells everything away. The Play BR-Ranked matches event’s specified amount of matches must be played by December 12 to qualify. Garena has established two conditions, each with a free bonus.

Free Fire Max Steel Striker Backpack

To receive a free Incubator Voucher (which expires on December 31, 2022), complete 10 BR Ranked matches. To receive a Free Fire Max free Steel Striker Backpack, complete 20 BR Ranked matches.

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Since the two needs for the present event are mutually exclusive, any progress made will count toward both requirements concurrently. Thus, winning the Incubator Voucher and the special backpack skin just requires you to play 20 matches. The same event interface lets you monitor the development.


You can receive the rewards from the new event in Free Fire MAX by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Start Free Fire MAX and choose the mode option from the menu. Play the necessary amount of 20 battle royale games, as required.

Step 2: Then move to the game’s event section after completing the goals.

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Step 3: And Select the Play BR Matches button under the Football Fable tab.

Step 4: Later to get the goodies for free, click the claim button next to them.

Last but not least, you can equip the backpack from the vault section and spend the Incubator ticket from Luck Royale before the stated expiration date.

You can use the Incubator voucher to make a spin worth 40 diamonds in addition to the backpack skin, which is worth several hundred diamonds on its own. This tournament is like the cherry on top given that the new rated season begins today. Players can obtain rewards by fulfilling the conditions of the current event in addition to playing ranked matches to advance in rank.

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Football Squad Matches

The assignments for Football Squad and BR-Ranked Matches are now available in the game and will last for a short while. Later on this date, the Kill and Play mission will begin. A free treasure box will be given to the player by the latter when they’ve defeated a predetermined amount of adversaries.

At the same time, the latter will most likely grant a pet skin as a reward for playing the game for a specified duration. Players will be entertained for a few days by these quests and the other accessible in-game missions.

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