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Free Fire MAX Scorpio Top-Up 2 event: Start date and servers


Free Fire Max Scorpio Top-Up Event: Get M60 skin and Dagger skinKnockout Web Event in Free Fire MAX

Garena Free Fire MAX takes popular battle royale genre to new heights. Featuring stunning characters, weekly prizes and the ability to invite friends for additional bonuses.

Free Fire MAX’s Indian server recently hosted its inaugural Knockout web event, offering players the chance to compete for the grand prize of a Scorpio Bandana as well as other rewards. Participation requires purchasing diamonds which act as in-game currency.

Reward servers-Free Fire MAX

Garena has introduced another Free Fire MAX web event, the Evo Vault Event, to reward gamers. This web event provides four new Evo gun skins and other exclusive rewards and will run until 4 May 2023, requiring players to certain top-up amounts of diamonds before reaping their rewards.

This event, similar to those during the Light Festival, provides gamers with valuable items for inviting inactive friends back into Free Fire MAX and thier involvement. Furthermore, this free event FF 2022, features several 4-hour missions which require them to complete specific objectives within their allotted timeframe. The Alvaro Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX ended last month.

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Data miners believe the Knockout web event will offer a Scorpio Bandana as the grand prize on the India server of Free Fire MAX. However, players will need to spend diamonds, the game’s in-game currency that can be purchased from its store and used to unlock rewards.

Start date–Free Fire MAX

Free Fire developers offer numerous in-game events for players to win valuable prizes. Unfortunately, many require spending many diamonds (the game’s currency). Prizes typically include premium weapons and grenade skins that cost hundreds of diamonds and legendary bundles that gamers may win as prizes from these events.

Players participating in the Free Fire MAX Knockout web event will have a chance to win Scorpio Bandana as its grand prize, available across servers located in India, Bangladesh and Singapore until May 8th 2023. According to data miners, players must spend significant diamonds to complete it successfully.

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Garena recently introduced Evo Vault, an exciting web event offering gamers exclusive Evo gun skins and rewards. To participate, gamers need only invite inactive friends and play together a few games for one month between now and 4 May.


The Knockout web event will soon launch in Free Fire MAX and will offer players in India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers the chance to win an impressive Scorpio Bandana as its grand prize. Data miners, including VIPClown and Saw Gaming, have leaked information regarding this forthcoming event, suggesting gamers may need to spend diamonds to obtain it.

This new web event presents an attractive katana skin, along with missions. To complete these missions, players need to deal damage to enemies – best accomplished in Clash Squad matches, where time limits allow players to eliminate more enemies at one time. You can join this web event anytime and play any mode – share screenshots with the developer team once completed and receive rewards!

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Garena’s Free Fire Max is known for its engaging game modes, game-altering weapons, and fascinating characters. Recently it introduced several top-up events which offer legendary rewards – these can often be worth more than their value in-game!

As part of the new Knockout event, gamers get Scorpio Bandana as the grand prize along with Vouchers and Fragments as rewards. A maximum of 1082 diamonds may be spent per spin; however, items won will not be returned.

The Knockout web event has launched for players on Free Fire MAX’s India, Bangladesh and Singapore servers until May 14, 2023. Players can participate by completing missions and dealing damage to enemies within any mode; additionally, they can open their calendar icon within their event interface to view their progress.

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