Free Fire Max Membeship details, Prices, Perks and more

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28/11/2022/Players can use benefits after taking Free Fire Max membership/credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube

Memberships have long been considered to be one of the most responsible ways to get diamonds in Free Fire MAX. Along with various other alluring benefits, this offers quality in-game cash at a price that is significantly lower than the standard top-up. Additionally, Garena made a few adjustments to the membership on the Indian server following the most recent OB37 upgrade. They have raised the cost of the monthly version and added a subscription option akin to the weekly version.

Even then, memberships are incredibly valuable; a detailed explanation is given in the next section. There are two options available for Free Fire Max membership such as weekly membership and monthly membership. Both of them are less expensive than the standard top-up choices in the battle royale game because players can obtain numerous instant and daily incentives. They also receive several other benefits.

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Fee Fire Max Membership Prices

The cost of the weekly variation is INR 159, while the cost of the monthly retail is INR 1000. Each variant’s subscription can be activated by players, who will also earn 100 more diamonds after making their initial purchase. Users must take care, though, as the membership automatically renews at the end of the trial.

Gamers can also buy both of these at once to obtain the Super VIP benefits. This also contains the Evo Gun Token Choice Crate in addition to an extra 15 diamonds each day. Both of these still give Free Fire MAX diamonds at a much more affordable price despite the Monthly membership’s price increase. Even better given the implementation of the Lifetime Progress System, the monthly option offers a gun skin trial.

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Users must wait the entire membership period to gradually acquire diamonds, unlike ordinary top-ups. They will also be excluded from regular top-up events. It ultimately comes down to whether players want more prizes or less expensive cash.


To obtain a Free Fire MAX subscription, users can follow the instructions below:

Step 1:First, openΒ Free FireΒ MAX and select the symbol at the top to enter the members-only section.

Step 2: Select the membership you want to activate by clicking the button beneath it and paying for it.

After completing these procedures, gamers will be able to redeem their daily benefits via the check-in tab. The cost of the memberships will differ according to the servers that the gamers are using.

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