Free Fire Max Howler Top-Up Event Rewards, Bundles and more

Free Fire
13/12/2022/Players can use Howler Top-up event to collect the rewards and bundles/Credits: ADMM Gaming YouTube.

Free Fire and Free Fire MAX users can earn rewards (Free Fire Howler Top-Up) from every in-game event, however, the majority of them cost diamonds. On the other hand, players receive free unique things by finishing top-up activities, which require them to buy diamonds.

A costume bundle and a bike skin were two of the three featured items that were part of the Free Fire MAX Howler Top-Up that went live in the game on Monday, December 12. Therefore, interested gamers must use Games Kharido (India-specific Garena Top-Up Center) or the in-game top-up service to buy diamonds.

Users can access the awards by purchasing diamonds because the event has already started in the game, as was previously indicated. However, participants must bear in mind the event’s end date, which is December 17, and collect the following incentives before it concludes.

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Free Fire Max Howler Top-up Event

Due to the cumulative nature of the top-up requirements, players can obtain all three awards by collecting 500 diamonds. Given that the prizes are a bike skin, a treasure box, and a free bundle, this event is really valuable.

The highlighted items and prerequisites for obtaining them through the Howler Top-Up event are as follows:

  • Motorcycle: Skeleton Wildfire; claimable after 100 diamond top-up
  • Evil Howler Loot Box – Claimable after a top-up of 300 gems
  • Golden Catrina Bundle: Claimable with a 500-diamond top-up


The best deal for the Howler Top-Up event is a bundle of 520 diamonds, which will enable all highlighted rewards. In Garena Free Fire MAX, players can therefore take risks.

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Step 1: Open Free Fire Max on your device by using a smart phone or desktop/laptop.

Step 2: Log in to the game using your preferred mode of login, then press the screen to start playing.

You can keep your online game data, collections, stats, purchases, diamonds, and other items by connecting your account to a particular event.

Step 3: To proceed choose the diamond option which can be seen at the corner top.

To access the game’s named section, tap the diamond icon at the top of the screen.

Step 4: To purchase the same, stay on the Top-Up menu and select the 520 diamond bundle. Utilize your preferred method to complete the purchase, then wait for the confirmation.

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Step 5: After payment confirmation, navigate to the Top-Up Event menu to discover Howler Top-Up.

By clicking the claim button to equip each item through your in-game vault, you can claim all the benefits.

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