Best Features in Free Fire Max OB37 Advance Server

free fire advance server
05/11/2022/Free Fire Max is revealed new features in OB37 Advance Server/Creativity: Prithvi Gaming YouTube

A Free Fire Advance Server is often made available by Garena to test the impending major update’s features and find any flaws or glitches. The Advance Server for the next OB37 update has just gone live, and the formal release of it is expected to occur later this month.

In essence, the server’s launch has improved players’ knowledge of the many additions that will be made available to the general public in the OB37 edition. The main highlights are a brand-new pet, a new weapon, etc. Below is a list with further information regarding the top three features.

To let users tailor their gaming experience, Garena offers a variety of customization choices in the game’s settings. Fans noticed three intriguingly new settings in the recently released Advance ServerΒ  such as Audio Balance, Crosshair Setting, and Reloadbar.

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New Settings

In essence, Audio Balance can be found under the “Sound” tab and is only effective when the microphone is activated. Users can customize their crosshairs and reload bars according to their tastes by using the Crosshair Setting and Reloadbar, which are located under the “Controls” menu. One of the many different weapon types available in Free Fire, shotguns can cause a lot of harm. The Advance Server has recently added a brand-new shotgun with the name “Trogon” that stands out from the other weapons in this group.

Players can choose between the two grenade launcher modes that are offered by the Trogon of shotgun and grenade. Because of this property, it is incredibly adaptable and may be used in a variety of contexts. However, players must use caution while in Grenade Mode because using Grenades could lead to them hurting themselves.

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The most recent pet to be added to the Free Fire Advance Servers is called “Avron” in-game. It has a fantastic power called Binoculars that players can employ to their advantage on the battlefield. The pet’s skill can locate adversaries in any location within a 50-meter radius at the base level. The outcomes of this three-second skill are communicated to teammates. People should be aware that they can only use it once.

This length will rise to six seconds at Avron’s highest level, and players will be permitted to utilize this pet skill twice per game. This pet will probably alter the meta in the battle royale game due to its potent abilities.

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