Free Fire Elite Pass Bundles, Skins: All details

Free Fire Elite Pass Bundles
Free Fire Elite Pass Bundles All details

Free Fire, with its fast-paced action and eye-catching visuals, GRID 2 delivers a thrilling experience for fans of the battle royale genre. Players adore wearing outfits in the game and are drawn to large bundles that include them. Elite Passes are an excellent method to acquire a lot of unique outfit combinations.

Free Fire Elite Pass Bundles

Doomsday Raider Bundle

It has an army man-like appearance to finish the ensemble and adds to the dress. Rank pushers will love this costume since it features a grass-like hue, allowing them to ambush opponents with it. In Free Fire, the season 22 Elite Pass included a copy of the bundle.

Blazing Scare Crow

The suit’s most appealing feature was the flames shooting out of it, which looked fantastic.

Hip Hop Bundle

The Hip Hop bundle is one of the most fun Elite Pass rewards. It was initially offered in Free Fire’s second Elite Pass. The outfit bundle is known for its pink color and gangster appearance. As a result, players frequently ask the developers to reintroduce the outfit bundle in the game title.

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Sakura Bundle

It was first available in Season 1 of the game. Customers enjoy showing off to their coworkers and pals using different components of the package.


Kitsune Seasons was the first Elite Pass of Free Fire, which debuted in June 2018. The game was not very popular then, with just a tiny fraction of all players, and the idea of an Elite Pass was also novel.

As a result, many individuals were hesitant to buy this initial elite pass of free fire because they felt it wasn’t that essential. Consequently, the Season 1 Sakura Blossoms Bundle became the rarest bundle in Free Fire and included unique goodies.

Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad season of ‘Free Fire’ launched in February 2019. It was the military-themed Bomb Squad, notorious for being the first season to include the popular Bomb Squad mode, which is a standard competition pattern in CS:GO.

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The ninth elite pass of Free Fire came with pet food, permanent scar skin, grenade launcher M79 skin, C4 pump model loot box, evolution stone, and more. Unfortunately, despite its simplicity of animation, it became one of the most uncommon top-level passes in Free Fire owing to its age.


When choosing the best skins in Free Fire, a few things to consider are if the skin provides any combat bonuses and how often it’s used. Most skins in Free Fire only improve appearance, but some also come with small benefits that could be helpful during a fight. Another factor is how frequently the player changes up their look; if they’re constantly trying new aesthetics, a more affordable option may be better.

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If you want skin that will make you more formidable to your enemies, choose one with a combat bonus. However, if appearances matter to you, any skin will suffice.

The price of the skin is another aspect to consider. Some skins may be pretty costly, while others are more affordable. If you’re on a budget, choose a less expensive skin. However, if you’re prepared to spend more money, you can get some incredible ones.

You also want to think about what character the skin is for. For example, certain skins coincide better with certain body types than others. So, if you have a preference for who will wear the skin, check that it fits well with their physique.

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