Free Fire Advance Server Expected Features in OB39 Update

Free Fire Advance Server Expected Features in OB39 Update
13/03/2023/ Free Fire Advance Server Expected Features in OB39 Update / Credits – Garena

In a few weeks, OB39, the most recent upgrade to Garena Free Fire, will be released. Leaks have begun to appear one after another with the release of the advanced servers.

A few months ago, Free Fire’s creator Garena added a fresh update that significantly enhanced the gameplay. In a few weeks, the redesign will be completed with the impending 0B39 upgrade. Thus, interest in this most recent release is growing.

On March 10, the Advance Server began, and it will end on March 16. The 0B39 upgrade version is anticipated to go live between March 23 and 25.

Expected Features in Free Fire OB39 Update

The Bermuda map on Free Fire’s advanced server has undergone three significant changes. Sniper Towers’ upper base has undergone minor adjustments. On top of Sniper Towers, players no longer receive as much cover as before.

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The landing areas for Pochinok and Mill have also been modified. The Mill Stairs have undergone alteration. Homes that were once surrounded by fences in various parts of Pochinok have been changed into wooden blocks.

The third significant modification concerns the Gloo barriers. No longer are players able to scale their Gloo barriers. This is a major setback for players who accomplish particular feats by scaling their Gloo walls.

Streamers now have the option of recording

Garena’s most recent upgrade includes a recording tool for users who wish to record their games on its advanced server. Choose the Recordings tab in the options section. You’ll see that Lobby Recording has been added as a new feature to the list. To begin tracking your playtime hours while you’re on the move, tap on it.

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Super revival token

The vending machines now provide a choice in addition to the resurrection tokens. Your colleagues will be revived with a UPM, Level 2 vests, and helmets if you use the super-revival tokens.

The Kalahari map now includes new landing areas

The map of the Kalahari has been updated. Like The Maze, Confinement, Old Hampton, and Foundation, the names of certain landing areas have changed and new ones have appeared.

New Character – Alvaro β€œRageblast”

Alvaro, a brand-new character, has been introduced to the cast. Alvaro possesses the special passive talent Splitz Blitz. He has a lot of experience with grenade explosions. A thrown grenade will be divided into three pieces by his passive ability. The initial grenade takes 30% more damage for each piece that is split apart.

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A bunch of adversaries taking shelter may be easily taken out by seizing Alvaro. The new character’s Splitz Blitz ability appears to be ideal for group battles because his split-up grenades will give more firepower to the fighting field in Free Fire.

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