Free Fire Advance Server and How to Generate Activation Code?

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10/12/2022/Players are expecting about the release of Advance server in Free Fire Max/Creativity: Prithivi Gaming YouTube

The forthcoming Free Fire patch update is expected to arrive around January 11, 2022, as CS-Ranked Season 16 is expected to culminate on the same date. Speculating from the scheduled release date of OB38, fans can expect the launch of the next Advance Server. It will happen within a week or two before the patch’s rollout.

While there is no confirmation from the officials’ side at the moment, the same can happen via the Advance Server’s website in the coming weeks, a few days before the program’s release. Readers can find out more about how to sign up for the future Advance Server in the section that follows.

Free Fire Advance Server

On the test program’s website, Garena verifies each Free Fire Advance Server’s release date and opens registrations before the debut. Fans may therefore be able to sign up for the Free Fire OB38 Advance Server and obtain the Activation Code for the application’s APK client in a few weeks.

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The Activation Code acts as a key to activate access to the Advance Server following the installation of the APK file, as its name suggests. It is also exclusive and only valid once. Therefore, after receiving their Free Fire Activation Code via Advance Server registration, participants must keep it to themselves.

Steps to Activate

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to finish the Advance Server (OB38) registration process and obtain the special Free Fire Activation Code:

Step 1: Click the direct URL (https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com) to go to the Advance Server’s official webpage.

The website’s servers are currently unavailable, and users will see a “Forbidden” pop-up. However, a few days before the Free Fire Advance Server launch, they will be able to use the URL without any issues.

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Step 2: Select the system that is associated with your Free Fire or Free Fire MAX gaming profile.

Before accessing the Advance Server website, register a new gaming account if you don’t already have one that is connected to Facebook or Gmail. Additionally, you can link your guest account to a brand-new Facebook or Gmail account. However, your Facebook or Google ID cannot already be linked to another Free Fire or Free Fire MAX gaming account.

Step 3: Enter your active email address and click “Join Now!” It will bring you to the download page, where the Activation Code and APK link are provided.

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After checking in to the website following a successful registration, you will be able to access the download page immediately.

Step 4: Download the APK file, then copy the activation code.

You can come back after logging in later if the website is not displaying any code. To activate access to the OB38 Advance Server in any other case, download the app and enter the code.

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