Free Fire Advance Server: Release date details

Free Fire Advance Serve
The releases date for the Free Fire Advance Server is finally here!(Image Via Moroesports).

Garena typically updates its servers every three months, and the Free Fire  OB37 Advance Server is scheduled to go live on May 27th. However, this date could potentially change, so Garena will announce any changes a few days in advance.

To obtain diamonds, which are necessary to purchase a spot on the server, players must finish certain missions and tasks. The typical length of a server is two weeks; however, it can be lengthened or shortened as needed.

If the server goes down, any progress made by players will be lost. However, they will receive compensation in the form of rewards which could include exclusive items only available in-game.

OB37 Advance Server

The release of the OB37 Advance Server is an exciting event for all Free Fire fans as it gives them a chance to check out all the new content and features before everyone else. However, it is important to remember that everything on the advance server is subject to change and nothing is set in stone until the official patch goes live.

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Based on the pattern, it is predicted that The Clash Squad Season 15 will end around 16 November 2022. Therefore, players only have a short time to enjoy the current season before the next one begins.

The registration procedure has not yet begun, and the precise date has not been set. However, it is anticipated to begin a few days before the client’s launch, which is expected to occur in the first week of November.

Activation Code

The official website must be visited by gamers who want to obtain access to the unique client. To acquire an Activation Code, players must sign up on the official website. The client may only be downloaded and installed with the help of this code.

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It’s worth noting that registration is not yet open, and a specific release date has not been set. However, it is anticipated to begin several days before the client’s availability.

The Advance Server, like its counterpart the Free Server, is limited to a select few individuals. Gamers must obtain a certain code that may be obtained in various ways in order to access the client.

This code is required for accessing the client and there is no other way around it. To allow for maximum playability, Garena implemented this system due to the fact that the client has limited slots and can’t accommodate all Free Fire players.

New Features

For around one week, Advance Server will be live so players can test out the new features and give their feedback; any bugs should also be reported during this time. Please note that after the server concludes, all data will be deleted and not transferred over.

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By reporting glitches in the Advance Servers, dedicated players can earn diamonds that count towards their global account. To ensure that your reports are comprehensive and helpful, include details like device models, how often the bug occurred, and visual proof.

By doing so not only will you be helping to improve the game for everyone but you’ll also be rewarded for your valuable contributions.

If you’re looking for a more challenging and exciting game, then Free Fire Advance is definitely the way to go. With new items and weapons, you’ll have a much better chance of surviving in battle and coming out on top.

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