Fortnite x Akira A Possible Collaboration in Chapter 4 Season 2

 Fortnite x Akira A Possible Collaboration in Chapter 4 Season 2
13/03/2023 / Fortnite x Akira A Possible Collaboration in Chapter 4 Season 2 / Source: Fortnite

Fortnite x Akira: Fortnite has been one of the most successful battle royale games of all time. One of the reasons for its fashionability is the multitudinous collaborations it does with popular votes. From Marvel to DC, Star Wars to Stranger effects. Fortnite has teamed up with a lot of different brands to keep the game intriguing for its players. Now, new leaks suggest that Fortnite might be uniting with the iconic 90s anime show Akira in Chapter 4 Season 2.

The Fortnite x Akira leak from Trustworthy Sources

One of the most secure leakers of Fortnite, HYPEX, later claimed on Twitter that a new collaboration might be in the workshop. While they have not revealed much, they’ve given a small hint in their teaser videotape. At the 52-alternate mark of the videotape, there is a shot that looks exactly like the iconic shot from the popular anime.

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Support from Epic Games workers

What makes this leak indeed more credible is that Epic Games workers have supported it. A Reddit stoner claimed that they had spoken to an Epic Games hand who verified that the collaboration was passing. While this can not used as considered evidence, it does add weight to the leak.

What Could the Fortnite x Akira Collaboration Look Like?

While we do not know what important collaboration is yet, we can presume what it could look like. Akira is a 90s anime show that follows a group of musketeers who get involved in a government conspiracy after one of them gains psychic powers. The show has a unique cyberpunk aesthetic. Also, the characters have a distinct style that could fit well into Fortnite’s world.

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It’s possible that the collaboration could involve Fortnite x Akira themed skins and cosmetics. As well as a new game mode or limited-time event. It’s also possible that the collaboration could include a new position on the chart inspired by the world of Akira. still, until we get further information, it’s all just enterprise.


Fortnite‘s collaborations with other popular votes have been a crucial part of its success. Considering that collaboration with Fortnite x Akira could be another instigative addition to the game. While we do not know important about the collaboration yet. Leaks from secure sources and support from Epic Games workers suggest that it’s passing. We will have to stay and see what the collaboration entails, but it’s sure to be instigative for suckers of both Fortnite and Akira.

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