Fortnite V26.10 Update: My Hero Academia Crossover and More

Fortnite V26.10 Update
13/09/2023 | The Fortnite V26.10 update offers a mix of exciting My Hero Academia content, Mythic items, and gameplay changes, making it a significant addition to Chapter 4 Season 4. | Credits: Fortnite

The Fortnite V26.10 update has landed, bringing with it a wave of new content, including the continuation of the My Hero Academia crossover. This update is the first major one for Chapter 4 Season 4 and introduces new Mythic items, Augments, quests, and more. Let’s dive into the Fortnite V26.10 patch notes to see what’s new.

Fortnite V26.10 Update

The Fortnite X My Hero Academia crossover continues in Wave 2, adding three new character skins to the item shop. Players can now become Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, or Mina Ashido. Each of these skins comes with unique outfits and styles, allowing players to embody their favourite My Hero Academia characters.

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New Mythics in Fortnite V26.10 Update

One of the highlights of this update is the return of Mythic items from the My Hero Academia universe. These Mythics offer powerful abilities and attacks inspired by the anime. In addition to the returning Mythics from Chapter 4 Season 1, a new Mythic has been introduced: Todoroki’s Ice Wall. This Mythic deploys a massive wall of ice, providing defensive capabilities and crowd control. It can block incoming attacks and knock back enemies in the area, adding a strategic element to battles.

Deku’s Smash Returns in Fortnite V26.10 Update

Another Mythic making a comeback in this update is Deku’s Smash. This powerful ability launches players into the air before delivering a devastating smash attack that can eliminate opponents with a single blow. However, Deku’s Smash is only available for the duration of this patch, adding a temporary but exciting element to the game.

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Players can obtain the new Mythics through All Might Supply Drops, special supply drops scattered across the map. These drops contain meds and one of the Mythic items, providing a dynamic way to acquire powerful abilities during matches.

New MHA Quests in Fortnite V26.10 Update

Fortnite V26.10 introduces new quests related to My Hero Academia, including Deku’s Quests and Todoroki’s Quests. Completing these quests grants XP and instant level-ups, helping players progress through the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass.

The update also includes various other changes, such as the return of the Pizza Party healing item, which now heals up to 100 shields. New Augments, including Game Times and Reckless SMG Reload, offer fresh gameplay mechanics. Additionally, super-level styles have been introduced for players who reach Level 100, providing new cosmetic goals.

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Competitive Changes in Fortnite V26.10 Update

For competitive players, Fortnite V26.10 brings some alterations to the loot pool in tournaments like Mix Up Monday events. The Ice Wall, Deku Smash, and All Might Supply Drops will not be available in tournaments, ensuring a balanced competitive environment. However, these items will still be accessible in Ranked Mode, making it a suitable practice ground for tournaments.

The Fortnite V26.10 update offers a mix of exciting My Hero Academia content, Mythic items, and gameplay changes, making it a significant addition to Chapter 4 Season 4. Players can now explore new strategies, master Mythic powers, and enjoy the ongoing crossover event.

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