Fortnite: Fortnite Macro building Hack- An Undetectable Cheat?

Fortnite: Fortnite Macro building- An Undetectable Cheat?

Fortnite Maco Building is a new kind of cheat in Fortnite which is quite undetectable. One of the best mainstream games- Fortnite is an online multiplayer video game published by Epic Games with three different game modes and currently owns an extremely huge fan base.

Fortnite: Save the World was its first release whose main aim was to shield the players from danger but now the gameplay has changed due to the addition of many features like wall building where players can save themselves from other players as well. Players are becoming pro at building new structures.

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But in this competitive world where everyone wants to be better than the other player ends up using ill ways to win during the game-play. Fortnite game-play has reported many scandals where players use illegal methods and cheat to look better than the rest of the players.

Cheating is not only the case with Fortnite but other games are also reporting such malicious activities. There are many examples of a cheat but the most discussed of them all is that of Serpent AU who was using Macro during the game-play.

Fortnite: Macro the newest cheat of Fortnite

If we define Macro, it is an algorithm where specific commands are input to automate activities or causing other changes into the file without any user interaction. Macro can be only used by releasing them in the environment of some other program which distinguishes them from scripts, programs, and apps working on their own.

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Building new structures in Fortnite requires pushing some specific buttons in the right sequence. But this algorithm cannot be detected and can only be reported by the Fortnite team by checking your system.

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The issue came to the light when one of the most famous players of Fortnite named Zayt Williams accused Tfue along with five other players that are UnknownArmy, BuckeFPS, Keo, Khanada, Zexrow. Zayt claimed that Tfue used the cheat along with other players but he would never be punished as being one of the most famous players of the Fortnite community. The other players mocked the issue by considering this accusation as a compliment.

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Zayt does not have any proof so, the accused are players would be considered innocent till Zayt provides any proof regarding the cheat. But it is advised to the other players not to use Macro because if anybody is reported using this cheat then he would be banned by the Fortnite team.

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