Fortnite Adds Ahsoka Tano to Its Roster of Iconic Characters

Ahsoka Tano
26/09/2023 | Fortnite welcomes Ahsoka Tano with new skin and Force powers in its latest crossover event. Unlock the iconic Star Wars character now! | Credits: Fortnite

Fortnite, the iconic battle royale game, has once again tapped into pop culture by adding Ahsoka Tano, the beloved Star Wars character, to its ever-expanding roster of crossover content. Ahsoka’s debut coincides perfectly with the ongoing Star Wars series “Ahsoka,” making it a treat for fans of the franchise. Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has introduced a new skin that captures Ahsoka’s likeness, along with a range of accompanying cosmetics to enhance the overall look.

Ahsoka Tano Arrival and In-Game Powers

As previously announced by Epic Games, Ahsoka Tano is part of Fortnite’s current season’s battle pass. Players were eagerly awaiting her arrival, and with the latest update, they now have the chance to unlock this iconic character. Ahsoka is not just a cosmetic addition; she brings with her a set of in-game powers and abilities, consistent with the tradition of introducing superpowered characters from popular franchises like anime, Marvel, and Star Wars.

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How to Unlock Ahsoka Tano in Fortnite

Unlocking Ahsoka Tano in Fortnite is not a straightforward purchase from the Item Shop. Instead, players must complete quests tied to the season’s battle pass. These quests require players to achieve various objectives to earn rewards, including the Ahsoka skin, back bling, an emote, and a wrap. Below, we outline the quests players need to complete to unlock Ahsoka:

  • Fulcrum Tokens: To obtain the Ahsoka skin, players must collect three Fulcrum Tokens in either Relentless Retreat or Breakwater Bay. These tokens serve as a key to unlock the character’s main skin.

Collecting additional Fulcrum Tokens in other locations will grant players access to the remaining two main cosmetics associated with the character. As of now, there are no Ahsoka-related items in the Item Shop.

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Ahsoka Tano Powers in Fortnite

The introduction of Star Wars characters to Fortnite typically includes lightsabers and Force powers. Ahsoka’s arrival is no different, as lightsabers make their return alongside her iconic abilities. Players can interact with holograms of Ahsoka scattered throughout the map, where they can learn various Force powers. These include the ability to sprint faster, double jump, and a move that allows players to push objects away.

To access these Force abilities, players must engage with a hologram of Ahsoka, accept her training, and enter a rift. Upon exiting, players will be equipped with a Jedi Training Lightsaber and the knowledge of Force abilities. However, these powers are only accessible if players are actively wielding a Jedi Training Lightsaber and have undergone Ahsoka’s training. Knowledge of these abilities persists until the end of the match.

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Fortnite’s Ahsoka crossover is live with the release of the v26.20 update. Players can now dive into the game, unlock Ahsoka, and wield the Force in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite.

Please note that all in-game information is subject to change with future Fortnite updates and adjustments.

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