Fixing COD Mobile Authorization Error 2 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

COD Mobile Authorization Error 2 11
COD Mobile Authorization Error 2 11

Certainly, many players face the COD Mobile Authorization error 2 11 while logging in the game on their device. Therefore, follow up on this article to perceive the fix for this error in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile offers various challenges and features and the players even enjoy playing and taking the challenges of this game. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile even keeps making additions to the game periodically to keep the players engaged.

However, sometimes many players face some errors or issues while logging in to COD Mobile. As a result, the authorization error 2 11 is also one of these errors that the players are facing recently. Thereby, here are the details about the error and the solution to fix it.

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What is COD Mobile Authorization Error 2 11?

Many players experience the authorization error 2 11 frequently while logging in to the game. This error may happen because of some network issues or device issues. Also, it might happen due to some technical server glitches from the developers.

Moreover, it might happen due to other reasons like incorrect log-in details, using old version, or maybe when the server goes under maintenance. However, here are the fix for all of these issues.

How to Fix the COD Mobile Authorization Error 2 11?

Authorization errors may occur for different reasons, so you need to take various measures to fix authorization error 2 11.

  • Check internet stability
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The very first thing before starting any game is to check the internet connection on your device. A poor internet connection is a straightforward reason to experience errors in the Call Of Duty Mobile.

  • Reinstall the game

Sometimes, the apps and the games programs present in your device clashes and stop working or face issues. Therefore, one can reinstall the Call Of Duty Mobile game on their device to solve the authorization error.

  • Clear the game’s cache files

By clearing the cache files, it will delete all of your installed maps and resource packs of the game. It may solve the authorization issue if the device would be facing storage problems.

  • Restart your device
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Your device often faces heating issues, and the programs clashes and the device does not allow the game to proceed. In that case, one can restart its device in order to cool down the device and solve the authorization issue.

  • Use a VPN

Suppose the authorization errors do not resolve from the above-given ways. In that case, one can use a VPN to solve the COD Mobile errors. VPN allows you to switch to a different server or region and provide a stable experience to solve the authorization error 2 11.

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