How to Fix Matchmaking Problem in Free Fire 2023

Free Fire players sometimes find issues such as the matchmaking problem. Read this article to know the tricks on how to fix the Free Fire Matchmaking issue 2021.

Free Fire Matchmaking Problem
Free Fire Matchmaking Problem

Free Fire is one of the most popular games on mobile platforms. However, players sometimes find issues in the game. One such issue is the matchmaking problem in Free Fire. This article will provide you with tricks on how to fix the Free Fire Matchmaking issue/problem 2023.

When players start the game in any mode whether ranked or classic. What happens is, the game shows waiting time like 1 min, 2 min to start the match. But in the end, the match doesnโ€™t begin. There can be many reasons for coming across matchmaking issues in Free Fire.

Moreover, Free Fire had the highest downloads on the play store and other app stores in 2018 and 2020. It requires 500 MB of storage to download the game and you can easily install it from the play store or another app store. The game has achieved tremendous success with its unique features.

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How to Fix the Matchmaking Problem in Free Fire?

Free Fire Matchmaking issue
Free Fire Matchmaking issue

Here players discover matchmaking issues in Free Fire and consequently, the ranked or classic mode doesnโ€™t start. The reason for such problem can be:

  • The player might have played the game with a hacker or hacked the game. Thus, it can result in a matchmaking issue after it gets reported.
  • When players use a third-party app for playing Free Fire. Thus, it can result in the banning of the Free Fire account. This can also be another reason for the matchmaking issue.

100% Working Tricks to Fix this Problem in Free Fire 2023

  1. Clear Cache and Report

For this, users have to simply go to the Free Fire settings > others > clear cache. Clearing the cache will solve your maximum problem.

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Also, you need to send the report 4 times in application settings. Finally, you can check whether your matchmaking problem has been fixed or not.

  1. Reinstall

When facing a matchmaking issue in Free Fire you can follow the second trick. Firstly, delete the Free Fire game. Then, install the game again.

Besides this, you have to delete Free Fire folders and files in the internal storage. This will fix your mismatching problem in Free Fire.

  1. Mismatching Fix Data

If still, you find a matchmaking problem. Then, try the last method and it will surely fix this issue.

  • Download Matchmaking Fix Data.
  • After downloading the file, select the file and click on Extract Here The, copy data and paste in Android/data/paste.
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This will fix the Free Fire Matchmaking issue 2023 after pasting the data.

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