Free Fire Online Play: How to Play Free Fire Without Downloading?

Featured Image: Free Fire Try Now Online Play
Free Fire Online Play: How to play Free Fire without Downloading?

Free Fire Online Play i.e Play Free Fire without Downloading: Garena Free Fire is an extremely popular survival game on mobile devices. Furthermore, it is one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store in 2021. On the other hand, Do you want to play Free Fire without downloading on your device?

Well, there are many players online who want to know many questions related to Garena Free Fire. Furthermore, they want to learn a way where they can play this game online or you can say without downloading.

Google recently released a new feature on Google Play Store which helps gamers in many ways. Furthermore, it is only available for Android devices because this feature is on Google Play Store.

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What is Free Fire Online Play?

As you read above it is a feature released by Google for Google Play Store. Furthermore, it is also known as Instant Play to know about that game. This Instant Play feature is only available for a few games and Free Fire is one of them.

This feature allows games to play the demo version of games like Free Fire and Clash Royal. Furthermore, you can check some basic things about the game like Graphics, mechanics, and controls.

On the other hand, it only allows you to play a small fraction of the original game. For example, you can play for 15 min at a time. After that, the game will reset and you need to start from the beginning. You can play games like Free Fire Online multiple times without any restrictions except the time limit.

Step By Step Guide to Play Online:

How to Play Free Fire Without Downloading? Follow the guide given below to play the game online and without downloading.

Step-1: Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone (ios not available).

Step-2: Now, search the Free Fire game from the search bar. Furthermore, sometimes the game option is available on the Homepage of the application.

Step-3: After finding the game you get two options there (below the game icon and publisher name).

Step-4: Finally, click on the Instant Play option and start playing the game without any problem.

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