Revenant Esports Signs Antaryami Gaming

Antaryami Gaming
28/09/2023 | Revenant Esports signs Indian gaming icon Antaryami Gaming, expanding its content creator lineup for an engaging gaming community. | Credits: Revenant Esports

Revenant Esports has made a significant addition to its roster by signing Antaryami Gaming, a prominent content creator in India’s gaming community. With over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, Antaryami Gaming, whose real name is Rishabh Verma, is a respected figure in the Indian gaming scene. His content primarily focuses on the popular battle royale title, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), and is characterized by engaging and humorous live streams.

The Perfect Match

The partnership between Antaryami Gaming and Revenant Esports appears to be a perfect fit. Revenant Esports, known for its fan-centric approach, aims to create engaging content and foster a strong gaming community. Antaryami’s charismatic personality and extensive reach align seamlessly with the organization’s objectives.

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Antaryami Gaming expressed his excitement about joining Revenant Esports, highlighting the opportunities to enhance his content and engage with fans through various esports events. He also looks forward to collaborating with other Revenant creators like Alpha Clasher and Emperor Plays.

Revenant’s Expanding Roster with Antaryami Gaming

Antaryami Gaming is the latest addition to Revenant Esports’ growing content creator lineup, which includes Bitty, Ayush Is Live, Emperor Plays, and Alpha Clasher. These signings not only broaden the organization’s reach within the gaming community but also pave the way for the creation of new content IPs for fans to enjoy.

A Word from Revenant Esports’ CEO

Rohit Jagasia, the Founder and CEO of Revenant Esports, expressed his enthusiasm about welcoming Antaryami Gaming to the family. He emphasized that Antaryami Gaming is not just a content creator but also a gaming icon in India, boasting a substantial following across multiple platforms. This signing marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Revenant Esports, with more announcements on the horizon.

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Growth of Gaming in India

India’s gaming community continues to grow rapidly, with millions of gamers and content creators contributing to the industry’s expansion. According to the India Games Market Report by Niko Partners, the country had 444.4 million gamers, a number expected to surpass 640 million by 2027. Revenant Esports aims to leverage this growth by nurturing a strong gaming community and providing top-tier content.

As the partnership between Revenant Esports and Antaryami Gaming takes shape, gaming enthusiasts in India and beyond can look forward to an exciting array of content and collaborations from this dynamic duo.

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