Unlocking the Secrets: Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths Locations Guide

Shrine of Depths locations
25/11/2023 | Discover the hidden treasures of Genshin Impact with our Shrine of Depths locations guide. Unlock top-tier rewards and level up your characters! | Credits: Genshin Impact

Venturing into the expansive world of Genshin Impact holds countless treasures for adventurers, and among them is the elusive Shrine of Depths Locations. These shrines, adorned in shimmering blue and orange hues, harbour invaluable rewards like top-tier weapons, artefacts, and precious Adventure Rank Experience. However, the challenge lies in locating these shrines scattered across the vast regions of Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, and beyond. This comprehensive guide unveils the precise locations of every Shrine of Depths, ensuring you don’t miss out on the bountiful rewards that await.

Shrine of Depths Locations: Know Your Regions and Acquire Keys

Before embarking on your treasure hunt, ensure you possess the necessary keys to unlock the Shrines of Depths. It’s vital to note that keys meant for the Liyue region won’t open shrines in Mondstadt, Inazuma, or Sumeru, and vice versa. Each region requires its specific key, and once a shrine is unlocked, it cannot be reopened.

Unravelling Mondstadt’s Secrets: Shrine of Depths Locations

  1. Northwest of Thousand Winds Temple: Head north from the Teleport Waypoint, and look down from the cliff’s edge.
  2. West of Anemo Hypostasis Arena: Walk west, and the shrine will be uphill.
  3. Beach Teleport Waypoint: Climb rocks to the south, and the shrine awaits.
  4. Cecilia Garden Domain: Climb rocks to the south from the domain to discover this hidden shrine.
  5. Nearby Statue of the Seven: Walk towards Mondstadt’s edge from the Statue of the Seven, look down, and spot the shrine.
  6. East of Springvale: In front of a rock formation, climb the cliffs to find the shrine.
  7. Northeast of Dawn Winery: Head north from the winery to discover the shrine.
  8. Temple of the Lion Domain: Climb rocks next to the domain’s door to reveal the shrine.
  9. Climbing from Dadaupa Gorge: Begin climbing from Dadaupa Gorge, and you’ll spot the shrine atop a higher cliff.
  10. No Nearby Waypoints: Walk from Dawn Winery or Stone Gate to reach the higher plateau and locate the shrine.
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Liyue’s Hidden Treasures: Shrine of Depths Locations (Part 1)

  1. Mountain Left of Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula: Explore the cave entrance to find the shrine.
  2. Cliffs North of Small Lake: Atop cliffs north of a small lake.
  3. Teleport Waypoint Northeast of Liyue Harbor: Look down to the water from the cliff’s edge to spot the shrine.
  4. Bishua Plain Teleport Waypoint: On cliffs next to the lake, southwest of the teleport waypoint.
  5. Near Domain of the Wayward Path: Break a wall to the left of the big statue, follow the path to discover the shrine.
  6. Mt. Aozang Teleport Waypoint: Glide east from the teleport waypoint to reach the distant shrine.
  7. Nantianmen Teleport Waypoint: Climb the high cliffs behind the teleport waypoint to find the shrine.
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Liyue’s Hidden Treasures: Shrine of Depths Locations (Part 2)

  1. Waypoint West of the Mountain: Start climbing east from the waypoint to discover the shrine.
  2. Southwards from Domain of the Wayward Path: Enter a cave southwards from the domain.
  3. Southernmost Island East of Liyue Harbor: Glide or swim from the Domain of Guyun to reach the shrine.
  4. East of Mt. Aozang Teleport Waypoint: Glide towards the shrine in the distance.
  5. Shirikoro Peak: Jump from the southwest side of the teleport waypoint to access the shrine.
  6. Northeast of the Main Island: Northeast of the main island, southeast of the Chirai Shrine.

Inazuma’s Enigmatic Realms: Shrine of Depths Locations

Narakumi Island:

  1. South of Chinju Forest, atop a rocky cliff.
  2. West of Ritou on an island, accessible via Wave Rider.
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  1. South of Tatarasuna, on the hillside.
  2. Teleport to the hilltop southeast of Yashiori Island, then glide towards Serpent’s head.

Yashiori Island:

  1. Southeast of the island’s hilltop waypoint.
  2. Near Jakotsu Mine on the south coast, on a jagged rock.

Watatsumi Island:

  1. Northeast of Sangonomiya Shrine, under a rocky outcrop.

Seirai Island:

  1. Northwestern island, west of Koseki village.

Tsurumi Island:

  1. Top of Shirikoro Peak, southwest side.
  2. Northeast of the main island, southeast of the Chirai Shrine.

Sumeru’s Cryptic Corners: Shrine of Depths Locations

  1. Southeast of the waypoint in the cliffs west of Vanarana.
  2. Just southeast of the Ruins of Dahri.
  3. Below is a waypoint on a ledge west of Port Ormos.
  4. South of the waypoint northeast of Chatrakam Cave.

Embark on this treasure-filled journey, armed with the knowledge of every Shrine of Depths location. Uncover the mysteries, claim your rewards, and let the adventure in Genshin Impact unfold!

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