Evil Geniuses Valorant Roster Faces Uncertainty After Championship Win

Evil Geniuses Valorant
13/09/2023 | While Evil Geniuses Valorant future hangs in the balance, the legacy of world champions experiencing post-championship turbulence continues to be a defining narrative in the Valorant competitive landscape. | Credits: Twitter

Evil Geniuses, the North American Valorant powerhouse, has dropped a bombshell on the esports community. Just a mere two weeks after their remarkable Cinderella run culminating in victory at Valorant Champions 2023, reports surfaced suggesting that the organization offered its players a difficult choice: stay with the team for a reduced salary or explore options in the upcoming off-season. This shocking revelation has left fans and the community bewildered, as the triumphant team now faces an uncertain future.

Evil Geniuses Valorant: A Rapid Rise to Glory

Evil Geniuses Valorant victory at Valorant Champions 2023 marked a historic achievement. They defied the odds, transforming from a team that was once considered among the weakest in the VCT Americas league to capturing the most prestigious title in Valorant. The remarkable journey to success was an inspiring tale of determination and skill, but now, it appears this story might be entering a new chapter, one marked by uncertainty.

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Rumours and speculations about potential roster changes are rife within the Valorant community. According to trusted Valorant insider ‘Flynn,’ in-game leader Kelden ‘Boostio’ Pupello is the most likely to depart Evil Geniuses. Speculation is rife about his possible destination, with 100 Thieves being touted as a potential fit as they seek to fill the void left by Brenden ‘stellar’ McGrath. However, the fates of the remaining Evil Geniuses players hang in the balance.

Player Reactions Echo the Uncertainty of Evil Geniuses Valorant

The players themselves have added to the air of uncertainty with their social media posts. Boostio, in particular, seemingly commented on the team’s uncertain situation with a simple yet impactful tweet: “Wow, just f**king wow.” Likewise, Ethan ‘Ethan’ Arnold, a player with a storied history in CS: GO and Valorant, expressed his feelings, saying, “Winning is cool. Sucks it doesn’t matter anymore.”

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While this development is shocking to many, it is not unprecedented in the Valorant competitive scene. The history of Valorant champions splitting shortly after reaching the pinnacle of success has become a familiar trend. It’s almost as if there is a “curse” that haunts Valorant world champions.

The Curse of the Valorant World Champion for Evil Geniuses Valorant

This so-called “curse” first manifested in 2021 when Acend emerged victorious at the inaugural Valorant Champions tournament. Despite tying down their players with one-year extensions, the roster fell apart within months. Star players Santeri ‘BONECOLD’ Sassi and Vladyslav ‘Kiles’ Shvets were benched, and Acend struggled through subsequent seasons before eventually being excluded from the VCT EMEA league.

In 2022, LOUD triumphed over OpTic Gaming to claim the Valorant Champions title, and the cycle repeated. Bryan ‘pANcada’ Luna and Gustavo ‘Sacy’ Rossi, key figures in LOUD’s championship run, departed to join the North American powerhouse Sentinels. This year, LOUD faces yet another rebuild as star player Erick ‘Aspas’ Santos prepares to leave.

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The Path Forward for Evil Geniuses Valorant

As Evil Geniuses Valorant looks to potentially trim their Valorant roster and build for the future, they may be placing their faith in young talent. Recent rumours suggest that Max ‘Demon1’ Mazanov has signed a multi-year deal with EG, indicating that the organization may be poised to build around this emerging star, considered one of the world’s top players.

In the ever-evolving world of Valorant esports, success can be fleeting, and the price of glory often comes in the form of roster upheavals. While Evil Geniuses’ future hangs in the balance, the legacy of world champions experiencing post-championship turbulence continues to be a defining narrative in the Valorant competitive landscape.

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