Destiny 2: Mastering Endgame Builds (PvE)

Destiny 2: Mastering Endgame Builds (PvE)

Destiny 2: Mastering Endgame Builds (PvE)

Destiny 2’s endgame PvE activities, like Nightfalls, Raids, and Dungeons, offer thrilling challenges and powerful rewards for those who overcome them. A finely-tuned build is essential, allowing you to tackle these encounters with confidence and efficiency. This guide will delve into the art of endgame buildcrafting, from core concepts to advanced strategies.

Destiny 2: Foundations of Endgame Builds

  • Artifact Mods:¬†Each season, your Artifact unlocks mods that offer unique perks and abilities. Carefully consider these mods when creating your build, as they can significantly alter your playstyle and power.
  • Subclasses and Exotics:¬†At the heart of your build lies your subclass and chosen Exotic armor piece. Choose a subclass that offers potent synergies with your desired playstyle and find an Exotic that amplifies those strengths.
  • Combat Style Mods:¬†Mods from your armor offer build customization. Popular choices include Charged with Light mods, Elemental Well mods, and more. Build with a specific gameplay loop in mind to take full advantage of these mod systems.
  • Stats Matter:¬†Distribution across your six core stats influences ability cooldowns, resilience, and more. Intellect, Discipline, and Strength are particularly important for most endgame builds. Tailor your stats to your chosen playstyle.

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Destiny 2: Popular Endgame Build Archetypes

  • Ability Spam:¬†Focus on maximizing ability regeneration to unleash grenades, melees, and supers frequently. High Discipline builds with Exotics that support your subclass excel here.
  • Weapons of Light Empowered:¬†Well of Radiance (Warlock) and certain Void 3.0 aspects (Titan, Hunter) can apply Weapons of Light buffs, granting huge damage bonuses. Coordinate with your fireteam to maximize these.
  • Survival-Focused:¬†Resilience is valuable in endgame. Certain builds sacrifice some damage potential to focus on healing, damage resistance, and survival through abilities and Exotics.
  • Champion Counters:¬†High-level activities feature Unstoppable, Overload, and Barrier Champions. Build around the seasonal artifact mods and exotic weapons that can reliably counter these foes.
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Destiny 2: Advanced Buildcrafting Tips

  • Synergy is King:¬†The best builds have intertwined abilities from your subclass, exotics, and mods that work together for a common goal, whether it be infinite grenades, constant weapon buffs, or tankiness.
  • Matchmaking Considerations:¬†Tailor your loadout to the specific activity. Grandmaster Nightfalls demand different strategies than raids or dungeons.
  • Adaptability:¬†Don’t be afraid to experiment! The Destiny 2 meta constantly evolves ‚Äď be willing to update your builds with new mods, Exotics, or gameplay buffs.
  • Resources are Your Friend:¬†Websites like Destiny Item Manager (DIM) and D2ArmorPicker can help you create and optimize your loadouts.

Destiny 2: Endgame Builds

  • Starfire Protocol Warlock:¬†This Solar Warlock build focuses on spamming empowering Fusion Grenades to deal massive damage and constantly refresh your Rift. Well of Radiance provides backup survivability.
  • Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Hunter:¬†This Void Hunter build uses Stylish Executioner to turn invisible frequently, gaining powerful buffs. Utilize a void weapon to weaken enemies and maximize damage output.
  • Loreley Splendor Titan:¬†This Solar Titan build is focused on near-infinite sunspots for unmatched restoration, survivability, and ability regeneration.

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Mastering Your Endgame Build

Crafting the perfect Destiny 2 endgame build is an ongoing journey of optimizing, experimenting, and adapting to the constantly changing sandbox. Stay up to date with the meta, theorycraft to your heart’s content, and above all, have fun experimenting with the vast possibilities Destiny 2 offers!

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Here are some specific build examples catering to different playstyles and commonly encountered endgame challenges in Destiny 2.

Example 1: The Unkillable Titan (Loreley Splendor Solar Build)

  • Subclass:¬†Solar (Sunbreaker tree)
  • Exotic Armor:¬†Loreley Splendor Helm
  • Focus:¬†Unmatched survivability through sunspots. This build is great for soloing difficult activities or when you need to be the last Guardian standing.
  • Key Mods:
    • Elemental Charge (Become Charged with Light when you pick up an elemental well)
    • Elemental Ordnance (Grenade kills spawn an elemental well of your subclass energy)
    • Well of Life (Solar elemental well pickups grant healing over time)
  • Playstyle:¬†Pop your barricade to trigger the Loreley perk, creating a healing sunspot. Grenade kills create solar wells, further extending your sunspot. Use a powerful solar weapon like a rocket launcher for damage.

Example 2: The Void Assassin (Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Hunter Build)

  • Subclass:¬†Void (Nightstalker tree)
  • Exotic Armor:¬†Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk
  • Focus:¬†Weakening enemies for your whole team while maximizing your own burst damage. Great for add-clear and taking down challenging targets.
  • Key Mods:
    • Reaping Wellmaker (Finishing moves spawn Void elemental wells)
    • Well of Tenacity (Picking up a Void well grants damage resistance)
    • Font of Might (Picking up an elemental well of your subclass grants a weapon damage boost)
  • Playstyle:¬†Finish an enemy to become invisible and gain a weapons damage buff. Use this opportunity to damage high-value targets with a Void weapon like Le Monarque or a good Linear Fusion Rifle. Keep up your invisibility chain for sustained damage and utility for your team.
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Example 3: Team Support Warlock (Well of Radiance + Boots of the Assembler)

  • Subclass:¬†Solar (Dawnblade tree)
  • Exotic Armor:¬†Boots of the Assembler
  • Focus:¬†Keeping your teammates alive and empowering their damage output, while still contributing solid DPS yourself. Excellent in Raids or Grandmaster Nightfalls.
  • Key Mods:
    • Bountiful Wells (Elemental well mods have increased effects)
    • Seeking Wells (Wells you create track towards nearby allies)
    • Explosive Wellmaker (Solar explosive kills spawn Solar wells)
  • Playstyle:¬†Cast Well of Radiance in a strategic position. Your rifts now become healing or empowering Noble Seekers. Throw grenades and utilize your weapons to generate Solar wells, further fueling your support abilities.

Important Notes:

  • These are basic templates! Customize stats and additional mods to fit your preferences.
  • Champion mods change seasonally. Adapt builds to counter whatever Champions are present in the activities you’re doing.
  • Destiny 2 is constantly being updated. Watch for balance changes and experiment with new options as they become available!

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