Deadly Duelists: The Complete Duelists Guide for Valorant

Valorant Duelists
Deadly Duelists!!

Valorant has become one of the most popular tactical shooter games out there since its release in June 2020. It’s also the trending and the most popular FPS title in India. The game has some amazing agents with incredible abilities, and in this article, we will dive into the popular and highly picked agent category “Duelists” Yes! The Deadly Duelists.

These Deadly Duelists are self-sufficient fraggers. They are expected to seek out engagements and frag, may that be finding the opening pick or clutching out a round. The Ultimate Beginner Duelist Guide Can be seen here.

Agents - Duelists
Duelists in Valorant


Jett by far is the best Duelist in the game. Despite the continues nerfs Jett is a highly rated and picked agent among the users. Her Well Balanced abilities and Versatile playstyle makes Jett the Best Duelist in the game since its evolution.

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The Synonym of “Deadly Duelist” is Reyna hands down. Reyna can seek out fights and win them single handedly. Her Aggressive Playstyle and ability to clutch rounds with ease makes her a go to pick.


This Explosive duelist straight out of Brazil has been there in valorant since beta and has been one of the Highly Picked agent for a reason. Raze’s kit makes her a must pick since she’s the only agent who can cause serious damage and get kills without depending on gunplay’s.


The Go-to Agent for Novice Players ‘Phoenix’. With an impressive overall kit and attacking prowess makes him a Strong Agent for sure. His Abilities can be extremely deadly in both attack and defense.

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The Recent Patch Updates has made Yoru more viable than before. Yoru’s ability to move between dimensions and alter reality makes him an impressive duelist but his isolated playstyle and lack of teamplay makes him one of the weakest in the category.


The Latest Duelist to join the rank of Agents is Neon. Neon’s Abilities makes her an aggressive fragger in any map. Though she’s not the strongest duelist, Neon can be devastating if utilized properly.

Each Duelists has it’s own unique playstyle and abilities to dominate the game and top frag. But, It’s important to pick the best agent that’s right for you. So Try them all and find out your best Fit. Cheers!!

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