Day 5 of AMD Ryzen Skyesports League, powered by WD Black

Day 5, Match 1 of the AMD Ryzen Skyesports League was surprising for the Rajasthan Strikers' fans, because they defeated Punjab Pinnacles with fair and strategical game-play.


AMD Ryzen Skyesports LeagueAfter the successful 4 days of AMD Ryzen Skyesports League powered by WD Black, Day 5 proved to be very surprising. Rajasthan Strikers implemented strategies and a very clean game-play which prevented Punjab Pinnacles to defend themselves against the aggressiveness. The fans of Rajasthan Strikers’ were very astonished after seeing their team dominate in the 1st match.

Day 5: Match 1 of AMD Ryzen Skyesports League powered by WD Black

AMD Ryzen Skyesports League
AMD Ryzen Skyesports League

Match 1 was between Rajasthan Strikers vs Punjab Pinnacles. The fans of both of these Teams’ were excited and eagerly waiting for this match. Rajasthan Strikers played their first match yesterday and made a perfect impact. Rajasthan Strikers clean swept Punjab Pinnacles and got 2 + 0.5 [Bonus point].

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In the 1st round Hyderabad wins an easy match with a score of 13 – 4. Punjab pinnacles’ fans expected a good game but Rajasthan Strikers managed to defeat them with a score of 13 – 6. Rajasthan Strikers won Match 1, but 2 wins did not satisfy their thirst for victory, which compelled them to also dominate in the 3rd game by 13 – 5.

The former CS:GO player MW1 from Rajasthan Strikers showed an amazing solo game-play against professional Esports players. MW1 later made a comment that a power cut took place at his house, but he still managed to quickly set-up and dominate the tournament. Rajasthan Strikers showed a sheer performance by climbing the leader board from the bottom of the table to top of the table in just 1 match.

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AMD Ryzen Skyesports League: Top 5 players of Day 5

Day 5 point table
Day 5: point table
  1. Death Maker having 139 kills, 96 deaths and 18 assist
  2. Raffa with 126 kills, 84 deaths and 31 assists
  3. Ghost having 116 kills, 97 deaths and 25 assists
  4. SMX with 115 kills, 95 deaths and 44 assists
  5. Haivaan having 105 kills, 89 deaths and 38 assist

Kolkata Tridents’ having their 2 players and Delhi Dragons also having 2 players in top 5 players. While, Delhi Dragons are still on top of the table and Hyderabad Nawabs on 2nd place.

Watch highlight of Rajasthan Strikers Vs Punjab Pinnacles on Skyesports official Youtube channel.

Watch Delhi Dragons Vs Bengaluru Crushers at 2pm on Skyesports official Youtube channel.Β 

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