Controller in COD Mobile: How to Connect?

This article provides complete details on how to use Controller in COD Mobile. The controller only works during the match.

This article provides complete details on how to use Controller in COD Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile contains several features that make the game different from other mobile platform. The best feature about the games is that they support the controller. Using the controller in COD Mobile enables players to enjoy the game using Xbox One /PD4 Controller.

The developers are trying their best to do all possible efforts to use the controller in the game. Further updates may bring more controller support. But for now, players can use a non-support controller in the game. Connecting the controller in this game is not that difficult task.

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Players can play the game on both iOS and Android platforms using the controller in the game. The controller only works during the match.

How to Connect the Controller in COD Mobile?

Pairing the controller by using Bluetooth of the device. If the phone is left idle for some time the connection can be automatically lost, the user needs to re-connect the phone with the controller again. Follow the steps given below to use the controller in this game.

Step 1. Firstly, open the Bluetooth Setting of the mobile device.

Step 2. The next step is to pair the device by clicking on the ‘Pair New Device’ option.

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Step 3. Enable pairing on the controller by holding the Share button and PS button on the PS4 Controller or the Xbox One Controller’s Connect button.

Step 4. Now from the list of available devices connect with the appropriate Controller.

Step 5. Open the game COD Mobile and enable the ‘Allow to use Controller’ option in the Controller Setting menu.

Step 6. Now the game is connected with the controller, and the players can enjoy the game using the controller in COD Mobile.

How to Customize Controller Settings in the Game?

Users can also change the setting of the controller as the controller provide a separate setting as well. To change the controller setting follow the steps given below:

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Step-1 Open the main lobby of the Call of Duty Mobile game, then click on the setting option.

Step-2 Search for the Controller Settings option and click on that option.

Step-3 Now the players can customize the sensitivity setting of the Controller according to their preference.

The setting of the controller can be changed any number of times until the user is not satisfied.

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