Cambridge High School is launching an Esports Club Team

A student 'Ceculski' is working to bring esports culture to Cambridge High School.

Cambridge High School is launching an Esports club Team
Cambridge High School is launching an Esports club Team

Teenagers are tired of hearing that Gaming is just a waste of time you should do some other works. As we have seen a pretty growth of gaming and esports where kids can reply their parents to continue in gaming. There are many opportunities in the gaming and esports sector. Gaming is not a waste of time, we are doing something productive.

In recent years we have seen many esports competitions which were hosted by colleges and high schools. As a regular sports game, many colleges and high schools had held the competition between Collages. If we take a look at one of the top-ranked schools, ‘Cambridge High School’ is also launching an Esports club team. This will be a local team that will participate in the cross-college competition.

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A student ‘Ceculski’ is working to bring esports culture to Cambridge High School

Some Colleges and universities also introduced the degree for esports course. They also introduced the academic course of esports and gaming. (alignlife.com) Cambridge High School esports club team launched news, came after Muskingum University has approached one student. They were offering the scholarship money to join their team next year. Ceculski has researched esports and eating from it for college students.  Then He decided to present the details to the administration.

Ceculski contacted Zachary Boyd for the advice as Club also needed an adviser for this.

“I grew up playing Atari football, excite bike, Metroid…and of course Super Mario Bros, there were so many great games. The club is great for kids who are not athletic, maybe don’t love socialization as much, or are not interested in traditional sports, but it’s open to everyone.”

Esports are becoming bigger than traditional sports such as NBA and other games. This is because of Sponsors and sponsorship money, you can watch Fortnite World Cup 2019 as a reference. In Fortnite World Cup 2019, A 16- years old kid won the world championship and $3 million as prize money.

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The Fortnite World Cup 2019 had a massive prize pool of $30 million USD. DotA2 International has more than a $40 million prize pool for the event. Esports and Gaming also getting amazing viewership which has already surpassed some biggest names of traditional sports.

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