Call of Duty Mobile-Unlocked Arsenal and Legacy Weapons

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Call of Duty Mobile is an extremely realistic shooter featuring various weapons, gear and attachments and an immersive multi-player game featuring a complete battle royale mode.

As any modern mobile game would with a Battle Pass, this one features rewards for regular gameplay, premium pass monetisation options, and freemium energy meters.

The Legacy Weapon-Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is welcoming a brand-new Legacy Weapon into their arsenal this season: the QBZ-83 Phoenix Inferno LMG from Black Ops Cold War and Warzone will feature as one of its rare rewards in the Unlocked Arsenal Wheel event alongside Portnova Ghost Operator camo and weapon blueprints.

Players need to invest considerable energy in spinning to unlock these outer layer rewards, with each spin having an initial probability. Furthermore, they’ll need to acquire a Key, which may prove costly and time-consuming since getting one could take multiple attempts before success is reached.

Call of Duty Mobile’s latest season also introduces the Dingo LMG, a rapid-fire gun designed to dominate close-range combat. It joins Black Ops 3 Maverick SMG as part of its pistol pool; you can acquire this weapon by participating in its Sidearm Scuffle Challenge this season. Tier 21 players can also access an OTs 9 SMG, first made available in Black Ops Cold War; its unique ability is perfect for midrange engagement.

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The Inner Layer–Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile offers players a selection of weapons, with more unlocking as they level up. In addition, players can unlock upgrades, perks, and ancillary abilities as they gain levels.

The ASM10 SMG is an impressive weapon that will take down enemies at close range with its high fire rate, ammo capacity, and low recoil for easier target acquisition, even during chaotic situations.

This season’s outer layer rewards include free and premium items like the ASM10 Legacy Weapon. Also included are Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and Calling Cards; additionally, there is the Veiled Uprising seasonal event.

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This event takes place at an iconic weapons and robotics factory from the series, featuring iconic maps. Additionally, Zombies have returned: take over objectives quickly to score points for your team; the quicker you do this, the bigger your rewards will be! This event runs until March 26.

The Outer Layer

Call of Duty Mobile offers an arsenal full of weapons, scorestreaks, and Operator skills for players to select. Some guns may prove more beneficial for particular tasks; players can tailor their arsenals accordingly.

Season 4 Veiled Uprising brings a host of new Multiplayer maps and modes and free items reminiscent of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s OTs 9 SMG rifle.

This includes the KN-44 Color Spectrum, a legendary weapon that disperses multiple shades of red across its target enemies. This weapon can be acquired through the Heavy Shot event or the Exclusive Color Spectrum Draw – either way; it will add a memorable element to any assault rifle loadout!

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The Key

This midseason update introduces Arsenal, a 12v12 mode set in a near-future weapons and robotics factory. A massively scaled version of the classic Capture the Flag allows Operators to take control of five objectives spread throughout the map and score double points by controlling them.

Use tight inner corridors or the outer perimeters to infiltrate and dominate at longer ranges, testing your weapons, equipment, and Operator skill against enemies from all directions. Utilize Shock Wave class skills to dislodge enemy players, vehicles and projectiles such as grenades and rockets from enemies’ path of travel.

Season 4 – Veiled Uprising offers you many free and premium items, such as new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards and COD Points to spend in the Store or Premium Pass. In addition, this update adds two secondary weapons – a fully automatic assault rifle and a sniper rifle – to your arsenal.

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