Bonus Challenge is back in BGMI: Get Free Vouchers And More

bgmi bonus challenge
06/12/2022/ Bonus Challenge is back in BGMI

BGMI notified us yesterday that the game will be down for a short period of time for maintenance, and they used that time to bring back the Bonus Challenge. Users are bored since there haven’t been any game updates in a long time. BGMI officials make every effort for players to earn some UC while playing the game because the game is suspended in India and there is no option to buy UC, thus this is the only way to gain BGMI UC right now.

How To Play BGMI Bonus Challenge

You can play extra challenges with vouchers, and there are several modes available, such as classic match chicken dinner, TDM match, Zone Prediction, and so on. You may begin the event with a single voucher, and if you want to increase your UC redemption, you can utilize double and triple cards. One coupon costs 10 UC; if you don’t have any vouchers, you can purchase them using UC. TDM mode is the simplest and fastest method for gaining UC; you can play extra challenges while the event is open, which is twice a day, and you can play several matches to gain UC. ALSO READ: Bonus Challenge All Details

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How To Redeem UC With BGMI Bonus Challenge Points

After earning points, there is a link in that area of the event that you may click to be sent to a website where you can redeem your Points for closet or gun skins. 100 UC will be rewarded for a minimum of 1000 bonus challenge points, and a maximum of 3000 bonus points will be rewarded.

When is the BGMI bonus challenge available?

The event is available twice a day for 2 to 3 hours, in the morning and evening, where you can play several matches to earn UC.

How To Get Free Bonus Challenge Vouchers

If you don’t have any vouchers or UC, you can still join the bonus challenge event. Every week, you will receive 2 to 3 vouchers from in your mailbox from the game, which you can use to participate in the bonus challenge. Use those vouchers correctly, and you’ll earn UC as well. Completing missions also earns you vouchers in the daily mission reward area.

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