BGMI UC Price: Why Is it Higher In iOS?

Why is the price of UC in BGMI for iOS more than that of Android? Find it out below. The comparison of both Android and iOS is given below for UC purchases.

bgmi uc price in ios

BGMI UC price is slightly higher in iOS. And this makes it difficult for iOS users to purchase UC in BGMI. The reason for this is given below. Read this article till the end to know the reason why UC price is higher in iOS and from where you can get cheap UC.

BGMI UC Price Difference Between Android and iOS:

Apparently, there seems to be a difference in the prices of UC in BGMI for Android and iOS. And here is the data for both of the devices.

UC Price in iOS

60 UC – 89 Rs

300 + 25 UC – 449 Rs

600 + 60 UC – 899 Rs

1500 + 300 UC – 2,099 Rs

3000 + 850 UC – 4,199 Rs

6000 + 2100 UC – 8,500 Rs

BGMI UC Price in Android

60 UC – 75 rs

300 + 25 UC – 380 Rs

600 + 60 UC – 750 Rs

1500 + 300 UC – 1,900 Rs

3000 + 850 UC – 3,800 Rs

6000 + 2100 UC – 7,500 Rs

The difference between iOS and Android is very little at the start. But, the difference increases as the number of UCs increases.

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Difference in Price Between iOS and Android

60 UC – 14 Rs

300 + 25 UC – 69 Rs

600 + 60 UC – 149 Rs

1500 + 300 UC – 199 Rs

3000 + 850 UC – 399 Rs

6000 + 2100 UC – 1000 Rs

Why Is the Price Higher in iOS?

bgmi uc price ios
BGMI iOS Release

Battlegrounds Mobile India ( BGMI ) UC price was very high when the game was launched for Android devices. Now, when the game is launched for iOS, the same problem is repeated. After a few days of launch in Android, the price of UC was decreased, and the price of UC will be decreased in iOS after a few days.

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Players will have to wait for a few days so that the price of UC decreases. Till that, players can log in to the game on their Android devices and buy cheap UC. Then, they can again log into their iOS devices to buy Royal Pass or do crate opening.

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How To Get Cheap UC in BGMI?

BGMI UC price is hiked a lot for iOS devices and players are finding it hard to purchase it. There are many websites that sell UC for a very cheap price. It is preferred not to buy UC from such websites. This kind of website takes the money and does not give UC. It is better to wait for a few days so that the price comes down in iOS.

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Till then you can buy UC from an Android device to save a few rupees. Instead of buying UC from third-party websites and giving thousands of rupees and not getting UC, it is better to wait for a few days. Krafton will surely decrease the price as they can not sell UC costlier to iOS players.