BGMI Payload 2.0: New Mode Update in Battleground Mobile India

BGMI Payload 2.0: New Mode Update in Battleground Mobile India

This Halloween Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) gets a New Game Mode Payload 2.0 with lots of other exciting features and rewards. Well, it already released game mode in PUBG Mobile in recent years but it’s still new for BGMI. Moreover, it’s not just the Payload Mode but the game is also getting some other modes too like Infection Mode in BGMI.

Well, today in this blog post you will read about the running Halloween Event and game modes in celebration of this event. There are more than 4 Game Modes released this year at the same time in celebration of this event.

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On the other hand, this update was already confirmed by the Battleground Mobile India Twitter account a month ago. They are going to transform the BGMI into the previous PUBG Mobile in the upcoming days.

BGMI Payload 2.0 New Mode Update:Β 

BGMI Payload 2.0: New Mode Update in Battleground Mobile India
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As I said earlier, Battleground India got a new update and also new game modes. The new game mode is Payload 2.0 and it’s going to be available for a limited amount of time. Moreover, you can access this application from Evo Ground Menu Tab where you choose your other game modes.

Well, this mode is quite interesting in comparison to other modes because of its unique game style. Furthermore, some weapons and other things like Helicopters and Armour Car are only available in this game mode.

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Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) also gets some other modes including Payload 2.0 on Halloween. Yes, I am talking about the Infection and Survival Mode (Zombie Mode) where you fight and survive against Zombies. Halloween events are complete without events like these in BMI. Moreover, in almost every mode you get to see some Spooky things while playing the game.


BGMI players get to see a lot of new things in the game because of the Payload 2.0 event. The whole game mode is another level of the primary game and in-game items. You get Helicopters in-vehicle options along with an Armour Car which has High Health Points in this mode. Let me know in the comment section what you think about this new game mode?

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