PUBG Mobile Indian Version Likely to be Named Battlegrounds Mobile India

Speculated by GemWire due to the recent changes in the website, PUBG Mobile Indian Version Likely to be Named Battlegrounds Mobile India. Read the article to find out more information.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India (credits GemWire)

After releasing the first teaser trailer of PUBG Mobile India last year, they recently updated their assets thumbnail. In that thumbnail, they used a new banner for PUBG Mobile India instead of the PUBG Mobile Diwali banner. According to the banner, Named Battlegrounds Mobile India is likely to be the name of the PUBG Mobile Indian Version.

According to GEMWIRE, “In a recent development, the PUBG Mobile India official website now hosts a new creative asset. The creative found suggests the Indian version of PUBG Mobile will likely be named ” Battlegrounds Mobile India. The new poster creative was found via an embedded link to a video on Vimeo which previously hosted the Diwali Coming Soon creative .”

There looks to be another video private in their asset collection on Vimeo with the above thumbnail. “India Recall Campaign Motion_v02.mp4” is the new video file name. Moreover, you can watch the motion banner here!

BREAKING NEWS: PUBG Mobile India might be Named Battlegrounds Mobile India

Official Site News (credits GemWire)
Credits: GemWire

This suggests a new announcement regarding a change that looks to be around the corner. However, PUBG Mobile access was blocked earlier in India amid rising tensions between India and China. On 2nd September 2020 along with 118 other apps.

New Poster (Credits; GemWire)
New Poster (Credits; GemWire)

Ever since then Krafton, the parent company of PUBG Mobile has been looking for different means to try and bring the game back to India. Indian players are waiting for the game for a long time, it is more than 8 months since the ban.

There is no announcement of the release date of the game in India. PUBG Mobile Korean version also postponed the restriction date for outside users of the version. Rumors are going on that PUBG Mobile relaunch in India later this summer.

No one knows the exact release date of the game. Krafton Inc. recently donated INR 1.5 crores to the PM funds to fight against Covid-19.

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