BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition: Champions Crowned, Standings Revealed, and Exciting Highlights Await!

OnePlus Dominate Arena
01/03/2024 | WSB Gaming dominates BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena. Mystic Esports impresses. Overall standings highlight fierce competition in BGMI esports.| Credits: BGMI

WSB Gaming dominated the BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition, securing victory with an impressive performance. With 223 points and 143 eliminations, they stood out with four Chicken Dinners in 20 matches, claiming the top prize of ₹1.35 lakh. Their consistency was unmatched, making them the only team to surpass the 200-point mark.

Mystic Esports’ performance in the BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition was a true display of their resilience and talent. Despite a slow start, they managed to secure the second spot with an impressive 153 points and three Chicken Dinners. Their remarkable performance in the latter part of the tournament highlighted their determination and ability to perform well under pressure.

Considered underdogs surpassed expectations and proved themselves against strong opponents. Not only did they win a respectable prize of ₹50K, but they also showcased their potential as serious contenders in the competitive BGMI esports scene. Their inspiring journey is a testament to the unpredictable and thrilling nature of esports competitions.

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BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition: Overall Standings and Team Performances


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The BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition was a battleground filled with intense battles and impressive displays of skill. Orangutan Gaming, led by Ash, secured the third spot with an outstanding performance, earning 137 points with three Chicken Dinners and 91 kills. Their eyes are now set on the upcoming BGIS 2024, with their success netting them a cash prize of 30K.

Reckoning Esports, led by Punk, claimed the fourth position with 136 points and 90 kills. Despite moments of brilliance, their inconsistency cost them. Uprising Rivals, in fifth place with 125 points and two Chicken Dinners, showed early promise but struggled to maintain momentum.

Galaxy Esports took sixth place with 125 points, followed closely by Team Legacy in seventh with 116 points, despite not securing any wins. Aslaa rounded out the top eight with 111 points, delivering a solid performance.

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BGMI veteran Owais led Team Forever to ninth place with 107 points, earning two Chicken Dinners but facing challenges in consistency. Fan favorite Team GodLike landed in 10th place with 104 points, experiencing a drop in rankings on the final day.

Revenant Esports settled for 11th place with 100 points, while Team Zero and 8Bit claimed the 12th and 13th spots respectively, each with 83 points.

Gujarat Tigers faced a tough start, only amassing 17 points initially. Despite their efforts, they finished 15th overall with 70 points after 20 matches. Alibaba Raiders found themselves at the bottom of the scoreboard with 47 points.

The tournament highlighted the fierce competition and determination of teams in the dynamic world of BGMI esports. As the dust settles, teams reflect on their performances, drawing inspiration and lessons for future battles.

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In the recent BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition, WSB Gaming emerged victorious with an impressive 223 points, 143 eliminations, and four Chicken Dinners. Mystic Esports showed their strength with 153 points and three Chicken Dinners, securing the runner-up spot. Orangutan Gaming took third place with 137 points, followed by Reckoning Esports and Uprising Rivals.

Galaxy Esports, Team Legacy, and Aslaa completed the top eight teams, while experienced squads like Team Forever and fan-favorite Team GodLike faced tough competition. Revenant Esports, Team Zero, and 8Bit held their ground in the middle ranks, while Gujarat Tigers and Alibaba Raiders had a challenging time at the bottom.

Despite some technical difficulties in BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena, the tournament highlighted the fierce competitiveness and resilience of the BGMI esports community. Teams are now gearing up for future events, eager to enhance their strategies and skills for upcoming challenges.

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