BGMI now has Limited Play time: New changes in BGMI

The new BGMI update has some changes that you might want to know.

BGMI new changes
BGMI new skins (image via. BGMI)

BGMI has finally released in India for both Android and iOS users and you can access the game right now. The servers are up but there are several changes made to the game. Here are the new changes in BGMI that you will be seeing in the live servers.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has returned once more after the ban, after Krafton has taken many steps towards changing the game to suit the orders passed by the Indian government. Therefore, the game has been changed a lot and several of these feature are towards curbing addiction and also violence. Here are the new changes in BGMI today.

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BGMI changes: All features listed!

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The most prominent change that BGMI fans will notice is the limited play time that is now active. Krafton has taken the addictiveness take of the government seriously and now anyone below the age of 18 can access the game for 3 hours per day. For those above this limit they can play for 6 hours per day. Along with this minor will require a parental verification and also cannot spend more than a minimum set amount in the game per day. All of these will be monitored for the duration of 3 months in which the game is out.

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Along with changes to rules, there are new maps, weapons and skins to obtain. Nusa is the brand new map that BGMI players can play on. It is small, but is loaded with features like ziplines, elevators, vehicles and more. Players will also get free rewards that are a part of the returning event. You can lay games to unlock the rewards.

On the downside, players will have the 2.5 update instead of the 2.6 one, which is out globally. But apart from that 4 new skins are up for grabs, including X-Suit: Stygian Liege X-Suit, Moondrop Eterna, and Spectral Swan.

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