WATCH: How SPower’s 1v3 turned heads at Skyesports Champions Series 2023

SPower from Blind Esports has had a spectacular series in Skyesports Champions Series 2023 and here are the highlights.

Blind Esports in Skyesports Champions Series 2023
Blind Esports (image via. Skyesports)

Skyesports Champions Series 2023 has been one of the biggest BGMI tournaments in India, after its recent unban. The tournament has concluded, with Blind Esports taking home the champion title. However, one player on their team had turned heads throughout the whole series.

Skyesports’ BGMI series had many intense moments, as the teams competed for the spot at the top. Blind Esports had been consistent, getting high points since Day 1, and one player from their roster was praised as being the best. This was SPower from Blind, who was crowned as the overall MVP of the tournament.

SPower’s Extraordinary Performance took Blind to the Top in Skyesports Champions Series

Blind’s performance was nothing sort of extraordinary in this tournament, especially in the Grand Finals. All the members had performed great, but SPower’s dominance was evident from his plays. Most noticeable was his 1v3’s in Day 1, which put Blind ahead by a huge margin.

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His most memorable play in Skyesports Champions Series came right on Day 1, in Match 3’s end zone. The game was intense and the last portion had BLIND and 7Sea battle it out for the win. Spower was the only player left standing after their teams clashed. 7Sea only had SPower standing between them and the Chicken Dinner.

However, SPower’s amazing fragging skills were clearly on full display as he knocked down all the 7Sea members while being less than half HP through the whole fight. Using the cover of a smokescreen, SPower clutched the entire game and eliminated all 3 members of 7Sea Esports by himself. This led to Blind Esports getting two Chicken Dinners on the first day itself, pushing them ahead of their competition by a huge margin.

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Moreover, on Day 1 Match 2 of Grand Finals, Blind Esports found themselves in a pinch against OR Esports. Blind had two members down and 1 eliminated, with only SPower alive, as OR Esports surrounded them. SPower single-handedly eliminated all the remaining members of OR using his confident gunplay. This clutch led to Blind Esports getting the Chicken Dinner in this match.

Blind Esports ended up winning the Skyesports Champions Series and SPower was awarded the MVP title of the tournament. He took home the MVP prize money of INR 50,000.

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