BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail: High Quality Images Here

BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail
BGMI Thumbnail For Youtube and Loco

BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail: BGMI is now available for all the players based in India. Moreover, the streamers are now excited to stream the game and entertain their audience. The numbers saw a downfall when PUBG Mobile was banned in India. Furthermore, after the launch of the early access, the audience of the game is back and they are loving it again.

So, here is a package of thumbnail for BGMI streamers which they can use in their live stream.

BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail: Streamers Can Use 

BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail
New Thumbnails of High Qualit

Youtube is one of the favorite platforms to stream the game. Additionally, Loco is also one of the preferred platforms for the audience to watch their favorite streamers. Often beginners streamers found it difficult to create a thumbnail and change them. So, here is a package of thumbnails streamers can use while streaming Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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BGMI Streamers can visit the following link in order to download the thumbnails of high quality for Youtube and Loco.

Thumbnail Links

Also, there are other simple methods to create thumbnails like Canva. Furthermore, players can use pre-made thumbnails available at Canva or can edit them and create a new one. Canva allows its users to use their thumbnails and also edit them.

The thumbnail size of Youtube is 1280*720 and players must image of this size in order to fit the image. Moreover, BGMI thumbnails play a huge role in the live stream. According to the Youtube algorithm, many of the audience join the live stream by seeing the thumbnail.

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So, it is compulsory to use an attractive thumbnail that catches the attention of the audience. Big streamers like Mortal and Dynamo use their Vector art of images in the thumbnail. But, it is said that it is only preferred when you have a face cam.

Furthermore, you can use the thumbnails of the above link for now for your BGMI streams.

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