BGMI finally becomes available for all users!

The new BGMI update is finally up and running, with all users getting access to the game!

BGMI (image via. peakpx.com)

BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India has been one of the most popular games in India, and the re-release has made fans excited. But the game was not working properly on release, due to the massive traffic and also had a late release on iOS. But finally the game has start running on all versions with no problems.

fans were expecting a grand release of the latest 2.6 version, but KRAFTON had only released the 2.5 in BGMI. Nonetheless, the version brought forward some incredible rewards that BGMI fans could obtain, along with some new maps, weapons and more. The game was first released on Android devices, and the iOS was scheduled for a later released on the same day.

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BGMI fully operational for both Android and iOS

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Upon release for Androids, BGMI faced numerous issues. Some of them were game breaking, like not being able to login. If you have faced problems logging in we have the solution for that.

Coupled with the issues on release, iOS fans were waiting eagerly for the release of the game. It came a little late, but it is finally available with all its features for both Android and iOS users.

The game now features warnings for extended play time and also warnings for users not to get addicted to the game. There is a maximum time limit of 6 hours per day for adults and 3 hours per day for minors. Along with these players will also find new skins and also a new map, the Nusa. You can jump in the game and enjoy it to its fullest right now!

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