Unveiling the Spectacle: BGMI A4 Royale Pass Leaked Rewards and Seasonal Delights

BGMI A4 Royale Pass Leaked Rewards and Seasonal Delights
02/01/2024 | BGMI A4 Royale Pass Leaked | Image via Hipster REX |

As the current Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) A3 Royale Pass season draws to a close on January 15, 2024, the gaming community is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming A4 Royale Pass. BGMI has consistently enthralled gamers with each season’s fresh content, and the A4 Royale Pass is poised to be no exception. Ahead of the official release, exciting leaks have surfaced, providing a sneak peek into the alluring rewards that await players. In this in-depth exploration, we unravel the intricacies of the leaked BGMI A4 Royale Pass rewards, ranging from stunning skins to exclusive emotes, promising a gaming experience like never before.

Leaked Rewards Overview:

The leaked rewards for the BGMI A4 Royale Pass read like a treasure trove for avid gamers, offering an enticing mix of cosmetic items and in-game enhancements. Let’s delve into the detailed breakdown of the leaked rewards:

Rank Rewards
1 Beary Fluffy set
9 Air drop sticker
10 Sticker, Droopy Ears- Skorpion skin
15 New emote, Panthera Prime Plane skin
20 Neuro Dynamo Helmet skin
25 Seasonal parachute skin, crystal token
30 Origami Drake- MP5K skin, new emote
40 Cryptic Hunter set and headgear
45 Biowave Trekker Headcover
50 Panthera Prime- DBS skin
55 New emote, Jetstream Shark- QBU skin
60 Panthera Prime Backpack
65 Panthera Prime Ornament
75 Panthera Prime Sidecar Motorcycle skin
80 Panthera Prime Stun Grenade skin, Panthera Prime emote
90 Frosty Evil- M249 skin
100 Panthera Prime Set
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Royale Pass Options:

The BGMI A4 Royale Pass introduces two enticing variants: the monthly and seasonal options. Each variant unlocks specific levels and rewards, catering to the diverse preferences of the gaming community. Here’s a detailed overview of the two options:

Monthly Royale Pass:

  • Cost: 360 UC
  • Unlocks levels 1-50 in the first month
  • Unlocks levels 51-100 in the second month

Seasonal Royale Pass:

  • Cost: 720 UC
  • Unlocks all 100 levels at once

Elite Royale Pass:

For players seeking a more exclusive experience, the Elite Royale Pass stands as the pinnacle offering, providing additional rewards and benefits beyond the standard Royale Pass. The Elite Royale Pass comes in two variations: monthly and seasonal.

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Monthly Elite Royale Pass:

  • Cost: 960 UC
  • Unlocks all 100 levels + Elite rewards
  • Monthly benefits

Seasonal Elite Royale Pass:

  • Cost: 1920 UC
  • Unlocks all 100 levels + Elite rewards
  • Seasonal benefits

Delving Deeper into the BGMI A4 Royale Pass:

The A4 Royale Pass not only promises a dazzling array of rewards but also introduces thematic elements that resonate with the gaming community. As leaks suggest, the season is likely to embrace a Chinese New Year and Year of the Dragon theme, albeit with a dark twist. The fusion of cultural celebration and a hint of mystery is poised to captivate players from the moment they dive into the season.

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Quality-of-Life Changes:

Beyond the alluring rewards, the BGMI A4 Royale Pass is anticipated to bring about quality-of-life changes, elevating the overall gaming experience for players. Whether it’s improved user interface features, enhanced gameplay mechanics, or optimized performance, these changes aim to make BGMI more immersive and enjoyable for both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.


As the BGMI A4 Royale Pass approaches its grand reveal, the leaked rewards offer a tantalizing glimpse into what the season holds for dedicated players. Whether you opt for the monthly, seasonal, or elite pass, the promise of exclusive items and exciting thematic content ensures that the BGMI experience remains dynamic and captivating. Stay tuned for the official release, and gear up for a gaming journey like never before in the Year 2024!

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