BGIS Semifinals Team List, Format And Schedule: All You Need To Know

Here are all the details about BGIS semifinals teams and the format.

BGIS Semifinals Team List, Format, And Schedule
Teams like Xspark and Godlike will be playing next round

BGIS Semifinals Team List, Format, And Schedule: The quarterfinals of the Battlegrounds India series is now over and we have our final 24 teams. All the 24 teams qualified after achieving the top 6 ranks in their respective groups.

Some of the big names like VLT, Soul, and Team Forever witnessed elimination in previous rounds. This clearly means the tournament is not that easy for bug teams.

So, let’s have a look at the teams which qualified for the semifinals and know more details about the next round.

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BGIS Semifinals Team List, Format, And Schedule

The teams qualified for the semifinals will compete in a robin round format. Furthermore, all 24 teams will be divided into three groups of eight each. And at a time, two groups will be against each other.

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A set of six robin rounds will be played by each team. Furthermore, the top 16 teams in the overall standings will directly qualify for the finals. Whereas the rest eight teams will be eliminated.

Before moving further, let’s have a look at the teams which qualified for the semifinals:

  • Hyderabad Hydras (Qualified from Group 3)
  • 7 Sea Esports (Qualified from Group 3)
  • Old Hood Esports (Qualified from Group 3)
  • Only Glitch (Qualified from Group 3)
  • Revenant Esports (Qualified from Group 3)
  • COXRIP MIZO Gaming (Qualified from Group 3)
  • Reckoning Esports (Qualified from Group 2)
  • Team Chicken Rushers (Qualified from Group 2)
  • 247 Gaming (Qualified from Group 2)
  • Team XO (Qualified from Group 2)
  • UDOG India (Qualified from Group 2)
  • The Supari Gang (Qualified from Group 2)
  • Skylightz Gaming (Qualified from Group 1)
  • Orange Rock (Qualified from Group 1)
  • Orgless 5 (Qualified from Group 1)
Team TSM
BGIS Semifinals Team List And Schedule: TSM recently won the Mobile Open
  • TSM (Qualified from Group 1)
  • Team Xspark (Qualified from Group 1)
  • Celsius Esports (Qualified from Group 1)
  • Godlike Esports: (Qualified from Group 4)
  • Tactical Esports: 83 points (Qualified from Group 4)
  • 4 Heroes: 82 points (Qualified from Group 4)
  • Enigma Gaming: 61 points (Qualified from Group 4)
  • Team X Lions: 54 points (Qualified from Group 4)
  • R Esports: 54 points (Qualified from Group 4)

Schedule And Prize Pool

BGIS Semifinals Team List, Format And Schedule
BGIS Semifinals Team, Prize pool, and format

The final match of Battlegrounds India Series quarterfinals was played on 5th January. Furthermore, after a rest of two days, the BGIS semifinals will kick off from 7th January. The last match will be played on 10th January and the top 16 teams in the overall standings will qualify for the finals.

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The prize pool of the tournament is Rs 1 crore. Considering the fact, this is the first BGMI tournament in the country, the number is huge.

Moreover, the winner will have 50 lakh rupees along with a chance to represent the country in PMGC.

Dropdown your favorite team in the comment box, and let us know who you’re rooting for.

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